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Indigenous Un-Naturalism

The third fall
That of Icarus with aged wings
The tame warring with the wild
The lame warring with the tame

The wild repossessed
A domesticated pain… 15 more words


Dual Banality

Swirls of banality
A past ignored
Now seems so new in age

A page set a blaze for Western dichotomy error
An Eastern era
In shades of gray… 23 more words


Volatile Visions

A foresight of hindsight
From volatile visions
Sensuous perspective
Not merely sensing but perceiving

The dimension of shadowy depth
A vapour enhaled by sight
In reality a futile volatility… 38 more words


Collapsing Canopy

Hovering over
A sweet canopy of the synthetic
Metal and material

A gliding parasol
A defence from solar downfalls and heavy rains

Arm around
A non-contact force… 23 more words


Stockholm Salad

Across this gradient
All is but the same
None more
None less

With humility they beg for degradation
They give a pre-posthumous plea for humiliation… 50 more words


Hunting For Fish

Luring from a not so distant lair
The pursuit of the catch
Not the catch in itself

Such delightful abundance
Slipping the grasp of the thumbless grizzly… 33 more words



I don’t usually consider the hair salon to be optimal thinking grounds. I suppose it is the mix of stewing chemicals in my hair (because, yes, I do pay to have highlights like my kids) and the eardrum crushing sounds of blowdryers, 80s music, and girl talk that I find so mind-numbing. 1,300 more words