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A door in Siracusa

In s street very close to our apartment in Siracusa were these wonderful old doors. I took several photos of them because I knew I would want to make art work from them later. 330 more words


The Blue Door at Casa Cuseni

At Casa Cuseni in Taormina, this blue door was across the terrace from the room at the top of the house where we had breakfast each day. 145 more words


More plants that grow by the sea

Photoshop is such an incredible luxury for illustrators – it’s no longer the end of the world if you make a blot, or a line goes awry. 57 more words


Bologna Windows

Bologna has the most amazing windows. This is just one of many I photographed. They are set off by these wonderful red blinds. I sketched this with a dip pen and my dark brown ink I bought in the pen shop in Florence. 263 more words


You Never See That Coming.

One of the best kind of people are those who came into your life unexpectedly. Those you never saw coming. Those you met maybe under strange or unconventional circumstances. 77 more words



i have galaxies living inside me. Stop trying to fit me here, limiting my existence between the walls of concrete meant to give You shelter, not holding me. 131 more words