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Inkscape is an open source program for making vector graphics and drawings. There are plenty of online tutorials and it offers a world of possibilities. Like this rose I made in under 5 minutes:

Digital Design

Yuk Berinfak!

Setiap perbuatan manusia pasti akan ada perhitungan dan pembalasannya. Perbuatan baik akan mendapat balasan yang indah dan pahala, begitupun perbuatan buruk juga akan dibalas dengan keburukan di kemudian hari.  281 more words


Robot A Day April 10

One of my favorite places to spend time on the interwebs is the Alphadrome (www.danefield.com), a forum for toy robot, raygun, and space toy collectors and enthusiasts, with a focus on vintage robots and space toys. 276 more words


Squares #2

I have been really inspired by 4 sided shapes lately and I decided to make a composition in Inkscape with just 4 sided figures. It’s a very busy piece and I feel that it is a friendly piece because it reminds me of a kaleidoscope. 29 more words

Giant Killer Robot

Just working up some art skills, and game concepts

Designing a Front Panel for a DIY Project

When building a one-off DIY project, appearances tend to be the least of our priorities. We just want to get the device working, and crammed into some project case. 165 more words


The Time Traveler

Done for my Illustration class (2012)

One of my personal favorites..

100% done in Inkscape……no raster effects used.