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Drawing: Tiger Drawing

As another extra task to help practice using both illustrator and Inkscape, we were asked to finish off this drawing below. On Inkscape i used a black and white sketch of a tiger, i was able to use bezier tool and edit path tool to follow the shape of the tiger and fill all the shapes with a fill colour. 14 more words


Drawing: Testing Out Illustrat and Inkscape

For an introduction to illustrator and Inkscape, we were taught some of the basic parts of both programs, illustrator and Inkscape. The purpose of this was to figure out how to use each programs and to get ever up to the same level, as some may have never used the programs before. 81 more words


How to set color of arrow head in Inkscape


This is a strange way that Inkscape is designed. Here is how I drew a red line with an arrowhead:

  1. Draw a straight line…
  2. 120 more words

Cyberpunk Gizmo #1

This is based on a doodle I bashed out a few months a go, after a trip through Inkscape to be vectorized. I think this would make a really cool tattoo on the neck under the ear.


Workshop - Adobe Illustrator & Inkscape

At today’s workshop, we were introduced to two software’s that will be required to complete the second task of our Development and Realisation unit.

We were taught the basic skills of the software such as the select tool, grouping, strokes, fill and anchor points. 173 more words

Development And Realisation

tex template for taking notes

Inspired by http://ift.tt/1uQg2gelatex/, I made this template. The background is created using Inkscape. With the “background” package, I can set different backgrounds for odd and even pages. 22 more words