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Human recording

There is a voice reading off the pages of a book. I recognize him, his tones and pauses and the way his mouth moves, I can imagine it all with full aching for a memory. 249 more words

Ahh…Love. ♥




It is a mixture of emotions. First starts with those wonderful butterflies, You look at your significant other and see them in a different view then the world sees them. 244 more words

New Blogger


- algo acontece… aí você sorri, daquele jeito que ninguém mais sorri… daquele jeito que me faz cócegas de um jeito tão… bonito, que faz o tempo correr devagar, as coisas flutuarem, borboletas voarem lentamente, os sons se tornam mudos, seus olhos são apertados contra suas bochechas e seus cabelos negros brilhando refletindo o brilho do sol… …

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Sex after a few months

Soon we’ll hit 6 months in the relationship and by this time, usually, the “tattoo you on my chest” period has passed. Things chilled, sex isn’t happening that often, and by now you’re worried (as a women) that the butterflies will go away and maybe he’ll be different. 517 more words

#No Shame

Make no mistake, I love coffee. I love it brewed in a machine, as expresso, dark and black and bitter and hot, light, sweet, and cold, brewed by French press, and I love nothing better than a good old cup of joe while talking and laughing with my friends. 778 more words


Holding back.

For the past week I have been fighting the urge to cry, all the time. Even at this very moment. I’ve had this feeling a few times for the past months, and letting it all out is really the only thing that helps. 103 more words


Peace - Lost On Me

Not too late for a summer tune! Peace are probably my favourite band at the minute. They’re full of catchy guitar riffs with intriguing lyrics ( acoustic tracks are just as good though) and ‘Lost On Me’ is no different. 31 more words