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Me, myself, and the angry me

An exercise where I had to have a battle with myself. What better way to battle myself then in the car?


I am a fairly good drive. 201 more words

It hurts

How much should I get beaten up , before I walk away. Away from someone whom I can actually share a life with.

Random Thoughts

Sometimes it’s a wonder how people lived during war time—how they spoke, how they thought, how they saw reality. I keep thinking how bravery must look on them; to be compelled to go to war for your country, risking your life in the name of honor and service, leaving family behind to protect and defend  451 more words

My Voice

Fundamental of love.

I am studying. Literally.

And it is not to complete my degree or masters in dance. Or anything to do with teaching or education.

I am studying operational management. 319 more words

Feel What I Feel

be kind. always.

I love this. It reminds me of my post, “I love you.” If you haven’t read it, check it out. Because it’s true. 38 more words


Sunday; sun sand sea

I think I am always walking on the tight rope with Andrew’s parents. It’s like, I thought I took a small step forward, and then bam… 198 more words

It's LOVE When You Know It