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"Relationships are Temporary...Side Pieces are Forever"

I was leisurely scrolling thru my Instagram and came across this (now edited) photo…

For some reason I couldn’t get the post off my mind. Partially because I know the Domonique pre-2013 would’ve TOTALLY reposted this in agreement, and partially because I know that this mindset, while obviously wrong, is sadly becoming a more commonly accepted view in today’s day and age. 406 more words



I took a Chinese painting class last week, a completely new learning experience. Everything about it was new, the types of paints, the brushes, how you hold the brush, the type of paper, how you load the brush with paint. 432 more words

Life Lessons

Finding Inner Beauty: The beginning of a journey

Inner beauty is not quantifiable or readily visible. As women we focus quite a bit of our energy on outer appearances and how others perceive us. 503 more words


Beauty as something we HAVE TO BE


I love the touching and inspiring speech of the Oscar winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o, on being beautiful inside out. Watch the must-see video below. 125 more words

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