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The Words In Her Eyes

Millions of poems
I read in your eyes
Millions of stars
Sharing the sky
I’ve been in love with you
Ever since the first poem… 28 more words

Love's Waterfall

God’s love

Cascades down

And washes over us

Old becomes new

A new spirit

All the residue from the old

Washed away

Stepping from under love’s waterfall… 16 more words

Week 3 - Days 3 through 6

I’ve been quiet for a few days on social media, but my mind is always going. This week has seen a new adjustment in my family, but it’s been a good thing. 321 more words

Week Three

the Hermit

As the cold chill of winter blankets the Earth, I feel my desire to draw inward and under cover. I have finally succumbed to the seasons, embracing their distinct energies. 1,235 more words

My Everyday Makeup Look (One of them)

Hey! I admit I’ve been a bit lazy with my blogs but I’ve been busy. Anyway, thought I would share my everyday makeup look. One of them at least since I like to switch it up sometimes. 601 more words


Losing Faith I Don't Remember Having

It’s been weeks since I posted a blog of my own. Why was that? Part of the reason was I stopped feeding the mill. After I got the idea for a story-type thing, I played with it then I got despairing. 286 more words

The proteins that keep us running have specific shapes that allow them to do their jobs.

Strike a Pose: The structure of our proteins informs how we function

by Stephanie Dutchen

Julian Voss-Andreae, Hemoglobin, 2007, stainless steel and glass, height: 7 ft., private collection (Zurich)Forget everything you know about cars. 2,016 more words