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Truly Beautiful

This is an entry I made in my journal a while back based on a quote I heard in a documentary called “Tiny House”. The quote has nothing to do with people in it’s original context, it has to do with a house, but who likes quotes in context anyways? 192 more words


The Physical Form

It is said if we met ourselves in the street we would not recognise them as our twin. Every morning, afternoon, or evening in general we see our reflection in a mirror at least once, does a it really reflect who we are? 609 more words

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I read a blog post by a father who wasn’t sure whether or not he should really be telling his daughter how pretty he thinks she is all the time. 492 more words


Embrace your Inner Beauty


Embrace the beauty that is in you! You are unique, you are exceptional, you are exquisite! God made you unlike any other…align with His Word, His promises and you will see manifestations of greatness emerge from within. 37 more words


Working on our inner beauty....

Beauty begins from within.

Its so cliche…but so true.  We can look gorgeous on the outside, but the true beauty comes from what is happening on the inside.   170 more words

Be a Leader

The woman who follows the crowd

will usually go no further than the crowd.

The woman who walks alone

is likely to find herself in places… 10 more words


Bad Hair Cut, Bad Hair Day, Bed-Hair - Bad me?

About six months ago I went to the hairdressers, my normal hairstylist was off sick and so I was allocated a stylist I’d not had before. 765 more words