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Stay Strong and Beautiful

We’ve all heard the message that the skinny girls get the best in life. They get the boys lining up for a chance to date them; they never have to worry about the cruelty of others because they are born perfect; the list continues. 277 more words

Mechanical yet beautiful

BlackMilk.com is a funky-ass clothing brand specialising in ridiculously cool leggings…I dream of becoming the proud owner of every perfect pair, especially these ones, The Mechanical pair; but not for the reasons you may think. 225 more words


Something About Your Face

You are the face that I would love to see

the face in the morning

the face to come home to

the face that I could kiss goodnight… 89 more words

Knowing That You Are Beautiful

The topic of self acceptance is very tricky: often times, it is much easier said than done. Personally, I believe that it is truly through the work of the holy spirit that can lead us to complete acceptance of ourselves. 380 more words


How do you Love?

To me, love is simply being able to sit in a room with a person and enjoy their company. It’s being able to speak freely without worrying what they might think, and to be able to just be yourself and be completely comfortable around them. 553 more words


Musings Of A Stutterer

Everyone struggles with self-esteem. Weight: too fat or too skinny. Appearance: completion, acne, braces, etc. Clothing, hair– this list goes on. It is these insecurities that lead to social awkwardness and introversion. 1,512 more words