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Free Your Mind From Your Body

Question:  Why do we obsess with how we look all of the time??  Seriously, if you decide to go out to eat how long do you take to select an outfit, put it on, adorn yourself in make up and jewelry, and then still want to wear something else?   498 more words


Soul-FULL Saturday - Frump Girl

Going to the drive-in movie was a great childhood memory for me.  Each summer my sister and I would travel to Denver to visit our Dad; and we loved going to the drive-in!   1,337 more words

What's the big deal about Confidence?

Hi, I’m going to give you a few pointers about confidence and how it can have a positive impact on your life.

Ok, so if you had more confidence then you wouldn’t go around apologising for your actions all the time that way allowing for others to start undermining you, others who are no better than you because we are all equal, make no mistake, I don’t care what the rich man who has more money than you says! 151 more words


True Beauty

The beauty you perceive with the eyes lies only on the most basics of concrete perceptions. The eyes can get dull, hazy, and forgetful but the soul never will. 310 more words


A healthy snack

Good morning everyone!

Of course, this is a beauty blog. But today I wanted to give you a few tips that will help you develop your inner beauty! 479 more words


Who I Am is Who I've Always Been

My mom joked once that I was so spoiled as a child that she was certain I’d grow up to be a “princess”. She said it like she wasn’t quite convinced yet that I hadn’t. 357 more words


* Haiku - shine


Find Your Middle Ground

Let your inner being shine

Darkness filled with love


Middle Ground