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Self-less Selfish

The ever serving selfless tree has been considered as a perfect instance of a giver who offers a lot but asks for nothing in return! We enjoy the beauty of nature, its fragrance, fruits and flowers but do we ever try to know the secret behind its beauty and divinity? 600 more words


The Power Within

I remember when I opened this blog about a week ago. I did so with the intent of posting everyday. Yet, I know me, I would have to find some sort of inspiration to do that and not many things inspire me. 281 more words


I love your light!

I love when a person is talking about something
that they really love. Their eyes light up and I see
their inner-being shining through.
For me that is pure magic!
April Peerless


This Crazy Delicious Place Of Delight!

Hello dear Readers, what is life holding for you in this very moment? Is there a thought or a dream that’s been wandering around in your inner being that wants to be expressed in some way? 360 more words

Crossing The Intersection

There comes that point in time

when love crosses the intersection between heart and soul

This is when feelings become so rich in texture

they become more than just feelings and you can’t find an exact word to define how you feel… 121 more words

It's better to focus on what's good about what you do have....than what's good about what you don't have!

I love it when new discoveries are inspired from within….through the living of one’s own life experiences.
Questions and answers, problems and solutions, all attracted through the power of our focused thoughts and emotions. 475 more words


The Strength that can Bear the Weakness of the Weak

(From the sermons entitled, “Ang Pagkataong Labas at ang Pagkataong Loob” and “Ang mga Kapatid na May Sapat na Lakas upang Mabata ang Kahinaan ng mga Mahihina,” for dates February 20 and 23, 2014) 758 more words

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