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We were born to love, love is always inside of us. The more we rediscover the love we have within ourselves the more love we can share with others.


Sleep, Dreaming & Insomnia

What is happening when we sleep? (WG 24.6.14)

During sleep, most of the energy of the person is reabsorbed into the Inner Being. The Inner Being spends it on other things it wants to do, maybe to give energy to others of its Wooden Dolls that are awake when you are asleep. 1,565 more words

Inner Being

in silence i contemplate and wait for you

Give place to others, as others have given place to you – Montaigne



I was feeling calmed and relaxed as usual when suddenly I found a friend whose favourite hobby is watching the news channel.  In just five minutes into the conversation he had given me the main headlines of the day and they were all appalling, bad news about tragedies, accidents, frauds, assassinations and so on. 479 more words


Why My Kids Believe in the Idea of Santa But They Don't Believe in Santa

Here’s a nice holiday surprise!  My little girls do not believe in Santa.  And I’m the one who made sure of it!  I’ve told them from when they were really young that Santa is really Mommy and Daddy and all the good people that want to give. 366 more words


Taking It On

In this dream image, Jeane lets a job opportunity pass her by – all while complaining about how things are being done. On a spiritual path, taking on more responsibility means becoming more conscious of what we are doing and why we are doing it. 791 more words

Inner / Outer


Is the Inner Being omnipresent? (JP gr 22.5.14)

Inner Being is always. Before you have energy, a small piece of your energy (going) into the Wooden Doll, all energy is in the Inner Being of you, it will always be knowing all moments of the Wooden Doll. 1,037 more words

Inner Being