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Message from Lion and Bear Cub

by Carol the Oracle

We have three animals in this morning’s message. My journey begins sleeping in. Ya, since it’s a Monday morning I shouldn’t be doing that but I just could not bring myself to get out of bed at my regular (during the work week) time. 751 more words

Confusion and Our Journey

Confusion and Our Journey…

Many of us feel as though we are at a crossroads. We feel confused and completely out of sorts. We’ve been looking at our lives and noticed being pulled here and there. 755 more words

All Your Heart

In the Shema Moses commands us to love God with all our heart. The Hebrew word that is here translated heart is the word ‘levav.’ It is defined as the inner most being of a person. 911 more words

The Fragrance of Satsang

The Fragrance of Satsang

The Satsang participant Lotta Hallin shared an experience when she recently sat and waited in the waiting room of a medical office. 49 more words