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When We Walk Through The Dark Tunnel

I am walking through the tunnel right now, in fact, it has been couple of years since I stepped into the entrance of the tunnel. It is the tunnel that I never walked before and with its deep darkness, it makes me scared and afraid. 317 more words

Self Trust


I see you in the corner of my eye

Picture in picture

Soft light touching my inner man

You produce color from the negatives of life… 63 more words

Shadow-Gates II – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

The first step towards a solution: Identifying the problem.

Every problem, somewhere, has a solution that works best. Some may have very few choices, whereas others, may have multiple, but less-effective, solutions. 928 more words


* Haiku - shine


Find Your Middle Ground

Let your inner being shine

Darkness filled with love


Middle Ground

sin and Truth

Pray along with David, “Teach me wisdom in my secret heart.” God wants truth to be our identifier, not sin. Psalm 51 Amen!

MM 10/19/14 sin and Truth from Debby Bellingham on Vimeo.


* Haiku - connection

Knowledge – 28” x 22” – © Lana Grant.You can find her work here


Find your Middle Ground

knowing its not yours to have

it connects us all



Middle Ground


Yeah, what I actually mean is that everything has to do with the inner self. I do understand that the environment plays a very big role too but the inner self is still the master of all things, be it beauty, fear, happiness, faith, trust, wisdom, uanger, or confidence. 125 more words