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The hurt makes us better, as the tears makes us stronger

We all as Humans walk a path along our journey of life, all the paths before us and the one we chose to follow are not perfect, they are not straight or even smooth, they all have their twists and turns, bumps and hurdles to over come, then there is the Human factor we have to endure as we walk that path, the Human factor can range from a wide variety of things, all these things when handled in moderation and with confidence, can help us walk our path along our journey of life, to be better and stronger and can be without a doubt a journey full of smiles, with much happiness to share with all that is around us. 653 more words

ugh, perceived abandonment.

there are so many things i need to write about and it’s overwhelming.  i’m just going to focus on the affirmation for today.

it was on “abandonment” 616 more words


childhood can begin again

This is my second attempt to write about the last week or so. The first attempt was too much “business as it used to be”. 386 more words


Climbing Down

I numbly storm into my room and set my stuff down. As I pass through the bathroom putting things away, I avoid looking into the mirror. 1,338 more words

Healing with The Emperor

 “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” 

Carl Jung

 I love this time of year, with shorter days and the Sun in Scorpio, to examine my shadow side.   610 more words