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How Cookies & Sugary Cereal Helped Me Quit Nighttime Binges

I’ve been putting off publishing this post for months, waiting for the perfect moment once I have it all figured out and can wrap my story up with a nice little bow and call it complete. 1,486 more words

Health Coaching

Healing the Inner Child

This is an invitation to meet and heal the wounded inner child. In our sessions together we welcome these children to step forward and to speak what has been unspoken for so long. 564 more words

Food for Thought: Playing with yourself

Take your mind out of the gutter :)

What I refer to is playing with your Inner Child, after all, it is you.

In our practice, we often see folks who work through an issue, connect with their Inner Child(ren) and forget about that beautiful Inner Child who returned with trust and a childs’ innocence. 295 more words

Food For Thought

Lack of safety in therapy

I had a session with M today and I was about 7 minutes late because I sat in my care and fought my fear of the session. 533 more words


Laser Beam Eyes!

We all have those moments, when someone says something indescribably rude, that makes our inner child scream out in a full-fledged tantrum. Yet, we have been raised to believe such outbursts are undesirable – and do our best to laugh off or ignore such things. 173 more words

It Happened Last Night

Last night was different. My husband turned to me and said “I want us to have sex, but I want it to be different this time. 526 more words