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Inner Child

My kids keep my inner child alive and well.  They both have beautiful imaginations which nourish my own.  On this warm autumn day, we spent a good while at play.   166 more words


When the Child in My Soul Cries


When the child in my soul cries,

There’s no one to put her

Over a comforting lap but I.

There are not many words I can actually… 143 more words

Karem Barratt

This Co-dependent's Addiction: Self-Sabotage

The point of setting up my blog was to utilize a world-wide public platform to share and explore my own journey out of depression. I have not kept up with my original vision of weekly or biweekly postings. 2,293 more words

Inner-toddlers, an expert, and my three brains

I know An Expert. He is an expert in brains and thoughts and sleepless nights. Given I have been having the most unhelpful thoughts that sometimes prevent me from sleeping, I gave him a call. 656 more words


The Winding Road to Discovering, Admitting and Expressing My Own Personal Needs.

The blockage I feel every morning is my own blockage of my On my way! needs. I wake up often wanting to just sleep more or stay in bed so that time will pass and the day will feel shorter…Less time I will have to spent working on something that I never get finished…less time goin through he motions waiting for change to happen… Less time facing that things are not “the way they are supposed to be.” 441 more words

Emotional Abuse

Day 21: Dance in the Rain

Matt has Columbus Day off work, and we usually spend the day at the pumpkin patch, but this year it rained all day, so instead we decided to catch up on housework (or should I say, I decided and he complied). 139 more words


Abandoned playgrounds

Featuring my nephew Ethan trying to steal cupcakes. ;)