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Like a Moth to a Flame

My First Love

My first love got married last weekend. My initial response was, “Oh, that’s nice. How lovely. They look happy,” and then as time passed and I grew more introspective, I began to come out of denial. 688 more words


One way to help you find your true path.

I believe children are more in touch with their personal truths than many adults and for this reason reconnecting with the child self can help you find your true purpose. 830 more words



Being present in my breathing
doesn’t help on mornings like this.
I am too present.
Exhalation is an unveiling of the void;
Inhalation, a shoddy patch-job. 97 more words


Day 17: Lessons from a Broken Wing

It was our first experience at the semi-annual town-wide garage sale. Reese and I were digging through tables full of odds and ends when she held up a pair of fairy wings, “Mommy, can I have these?” 430 more words


Welcome the inner child

Talk about the ultimate characterization of the inner child and you are likely to find an infinite number of options, characters in books, movies, and movies about books. 605 more words


My inner dialog does not have to be my future nor is it the truth

As I completed the “What haunts me” page, I noticed that I felt trapped at times and that I had to wear my “good girl” mask to feel safe. 319 more words

Art As A Tool