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Snow and the Inner Child

Photo by Eva..2015

We had a snowstorm this week of 6-8 inches. My husband went outside several time to shovel, would come in to comment that it was “blue” snow, that it was like a February snow not a January one and that it was wet snowball snow. 432 more words

Inner Child

You were strong and I was not...

Dave: Pride has nothing to do with inner strength…two different notions.

Me: Proud people seem so strong…at least they’re perceived as being strong.

Dave: So tell me…staying in an abusive relationship just to keep your “public image” is it a sign of inner strength? 1,124 more words


When was the last time you honored your inner child?

Last Saturday I took my first hip hop class ever. I was so excited! I had been wanting to take classes for years, and always told myself I had no money, no time, no spaciousness. 322 more words

Personal Growth

Our Dear Baby of Sorrow

Stone baby,

Gravel-skinned one.

My little love

Of heaviness.

I cradle you,

And rock you

As your dry skin

Cracks open.

You wail,

As you melt, 42 more words


Those Familiar Issues...

Pain that seems Stuck on:”REPEAT”

As you’ve gone through your life, have you noticed any familiar issues that just keep resurfacing? These are usually said to ourselves as a conclusion, after a disappointment. 733 more words

A Therapist's Thoughts

God, what do you want me to do?

I meditated with my inner child last night.

We met at my family’s lake.

A salmon pink antique chair stood at the edge of the weathered dock. 489 more words