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Creatively Exhausted

Not every day can be a day filled with writing. I have other pesky roles to fulfill. This week I played costume designer. My oldest son is quite crazy about his Legos. 142 more words

Inner Circle

Is Your Inner Circle Too Big?

Is your inner circle too big? Or are the wrong people in it? Maybe your inner circle contain only family members. Maybe your inner circle consist of friends you met at school or college, in the military, or people you work with. 221 more words



Yep, halo. Kali ini saya akan mengulas Elisa, salah satu sahabat saya yang tak kalah kecenya dari saya. Bukan, abaikan kalimat yang itu.

Mungkin bisa dibilang, hati dan pikiran kita selalu nyambung dan sama. 1,102 more words


Two Weeks in Alder

The Highlights

What Follows is Live!

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Cave & Dungeon Prompt Call - Submissive or Captured Men

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Weekly Summary

Life Progression and the Hedgehog's Dilemma

To me, one of the most upsetting aspects of life has been the progression and adjustment to my views of society, social circles, and support. When I was young it was impressed upon me that most people were not going to watch my back and that the people inside what I deemed a “safe circle” were people who would. 434 more words

Crowdfunding 201

Crowfunding is the practice of raising money from a large number of people to transform an idea into an enterprise. I encourage everyone to try crowdfunding. 163 more words



Perkenalkan, kali ini saya akan mengulas salah satu sahabat saya yang kece dan dianugerahi banyak talenta, Annisa Riska Maulida, yang biasa saya panggil Ricchan.

Dia adalah gadis yang sangat sangat sangat unyu, kalau diajak bicara, karena dia bisa banget nyambung sama saya. 1,099 more words