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PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT - Baltimore Bloc #BmoreFerguson Call To Action



On Tuesday, November 25th AND “West Wednesday,” November 26th, at 6PM; Baltimore Bloc will gather at Baltimore City Hall (100 North Holliday Street) and march in solidarity with the Family of Michael Brown, the People of Ferguson, and all victims of police violence across the nation and around the world. 142 more words


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NOW IS THE TIME !!!! We must, in a unified showing of SOLIDARITY, put an end to the culture of tolerance plaguing our communities. We have to stand together and DEMAND a change from the oppressive culture encouraged by our police department. We need to force our Legislation to reconstruct this so called ” Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights, and we must create a ‘Citizen Review Board’ appointed or at least nominated by the CITIZENS !! Let’s work together to to channel our OUTRAGE into an actual change in the ways things are being done in our neighborhood. GET INVOLVED BE INVOLVED STAY INVOLVED http://www.noboundariescoalition.com Ray Kelly Pray it Forward

Surviving Bi-vocational Student Ministry- part 1: Understand & Embrace Your Call

In the last 7 years of ministry, I have learned a lot. I would like to say that I learned these lessons because I was thoughtful and carefully planned each intricate detail to happen just right; but the reality is that most of the stuff I have learned, I have done so through trial and error- more error than anything. 781 more words

The Mindful Minute

Maliqe Young And Shanay Johnson Take A Vow For Orphans at Vocation Showcase in December

by Managing Editor, Nikki Vergakes

“I am the voice of the orphans; wherever I lay my mic is my home.” – Maliqe Young

Wherever this soul artists lays his mic truly is where his home and his heart are.

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DaMonte Shipp 22 year old Political Prisoner

“Killing us, one by one. In one way or another America will find a way to eliminate the problem, one, by one. The problem is the troubles of the black youth in the Ghetto. 953 more words

My Life

Reactions to When I Tell People My Fiancé Is an Inner City Pastor

Disclaimer: This doesn’t necessarily have to do with being a significant other of a pastor. However, it does have to do with the fact that my fiancé has been called to a church in the inner city. 736 more words

Pastor's Spouse/significant Other

How affordable is affordable housing?

By Josh Brandon

Despite high demand for housing in Winnipeg, some new non-profit housing projects are having difficulties filling some of their suites. Housing that has been officially designated as “affordable” is sitting vacant. 1,237 more words


All Free Everything

Some may be offended by the contents of this blog. I frankly DO NOT CARE!

These are my thoughts…..


Yesterday, I was at the laundromat and this man was yelling “free phones, free phones, get your free phones..” Initially, he was getting ignored. 602 more words

Random Thoughts