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Nurse Freaking Doom And Gloom (G-uno)

If this were the 80′s my face would currently be strapped to a bong with a side order of narcotics. Unfortunately for me I am 28 years clean. 547 more words

Inner Demons

Little Man's Big Brother (G-uno)

Being Little Man’s big brother is in no way an easy journey to be handed in life. I tend to believe it’s the sort of thing that is responsible for creating either the heroes or the villains in life. 374 more words


adventures in mom: moral support and the softer side (g2)

My family has always had a… unique way of comforting one another. It wasn’t so much about comfort as it was about inappropriate sarcasm. Looking back, I realized that neither my mom nor my grand had what I would have deemed appropriate responses to their circumstances. 260 more words


Training Your Inner Demons

I’m in the process of doing sound edits on my radio play, Unfortunate Demonic Incident No. 271. Despite all the giggling during rehearsals, it’s had me thinking about the inner voice, and what happens when it slips out. 259 more words

This Really Happened

On Being Brave

I have a wild pool of water that has beautiful unpredictable ripples. It reflects a golden light that is more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. 271 more words


What Is This Screwed Up Need To Blame And Punish? (G-uno)

We are without doubt screwed up by our need to point our fingers of blame, it’s become the foreplay for the act of punishing someone. It’s as if there is some deep need to take another human being, and prove that they have done something horrible to justify an even darker act of so called “redemption’. 207 more words



There is a method

To every plausible form

Of madness,

A gestation, whereby the heart

Is wrung free

Of all anesthetic

An eruption

Where the darkness escapes… 114 more words