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A Really Long Freaky Episode of Intervention ‘Inner Demons’ - movie Review

By The HorrorFatale

Although Hollywood has beat the found footage shtick to death, every once in a while they attempt a new twist with the increasingly tired sub-genre, enter the film… 397 more words

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I'm good, for now

It’s been a week since I posted something so here I am, writing. I’m totally wasted, high or whatsoever trying to remember what I wanted to write, but let’s move on and write on what I’m feeling  202 more words

Growing Pains

Conversations with my junkie self

Day after day, night after endless night the words come, until every moment, every silent pause, is filled with an urgent susurration of half-complete thoughts, incomprehensible asides: madness wrapped in cold sobriety; a wispy fug of reality forever chased by the opiate dragon of disconnection. 311 more words


Holding Back Crazy

I may shine

And sparkle

With laughter

Borne of diamonds

Mined from

Childhood’s happy core

But, come too close, Stranger

And you will find

The… 43 more words


Inner Demons

A fight without a gun or sword

Every day a battle

Two opposing forces

Bash out inside

Why do I need to keep the peace… 71 more words



the times i fought
there’s no response
the kindness you’re taught
now where has it gone

so i wonder why
none of the captions speak… 47 more words


Conversations with Demons

You’re alone?

I wonder why…
Could it be because you try,
no one likes a heart that cares.
That hearts that wins, is the… 106 more words