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Manic Monday Demon.

It’s Monday, it’s morning; I need to get up.
In the bed my body seems to want to stay, or is it my mind? My mind is wide awake, I think. 1,073 more words

Heart & Soul

Robin Williams passing

Depression is real and it’s a battle one fights every single day. Robin Williams is a testament to the fact that no amount of fame or fortune can cure it. 605 more words

Inner Demons and Depression

Robin Williams

It was so sad to hear of the passing of Robin Williams who passed away of a suspected suicide yesterday. It is a real shock to everyone who knew him and to the world who loved him. 360 more words

How to overcome the waves of sorrow.

When I was a little girl used to be suddenly overcome by waves of sorrow. Although they have become more infrequent as I’ve grown older, nevertheless, they still come and I’ve learnt to let them go by facing them. 385 more words


Are Labels Truly Defining?

In my book Time’s Tempest, Taya isn’t your average introvert/extrovert – those labels don’t accurately apply just as they don’t for many of us. The average individual will show signs of tendencies toward one label or the other but tends to be a mish-mash of both attributes. 424 more words


IFC Midnight Takes Possession Of Creepshow 'Inner Demons'

Genre label IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. rights to Inner Demons, a possession tale about an Intervention-style reality TV crew filming a 16-year-old (Lara Vosburgh) fighting addiction who actually might be possessed by a demon. 86 more words