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Burning Desire

The burning desire within me
Pains me; making me distressed
The longing to be glee
Turns into me being depressed

There is no stopping this feeling… 45 more words



The downward spiral of thoughts
One of many infinite horrors
Thrust back into a tropical river of chaos
Where the memories tear you apart like a feeding frenzy of piranhas… 58 more words


Barren Cave

A single speck of light shines
It goes right into my eye
Sometimes it seems it gets brighter
Maybe it does
This spark is all I have to hold onto… 29 more words


...And Not, When I Came to Die, Discover That I Had Not Lived

Good afternoon, hooligans! Today’s post is going to be another Audience Participation one, and I’m going to need you to grab a few supplies so you can play along. 1,072 more words

General Musings And Meanderings

The Right Angle (Blogging U.)

As writers and bloggers we know how important a “hook” is. 

Our masterpieces can fall into the abyss without the right hook, the focus, to pull the reader in.  404 more words

World, Near And Far

Within The Dome

To care entirely for oneself, the prospect is seductive.
It can ensnare you in with clasping hands,
And afford you no way to escape its grasp. 134 more words

Dark Corners

Body is tired and
Eyes are pinned open, bloodshot,
Searching the darkest corners of the room for shadows of my past.
Half sincere prayers never make it to Gods ear. 15 more words