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Internal Damnation

I’m completely dead inside, an internal damnation

End of one outdated era, not an eternal resignation

For as the Buddhists, I believe in re-creation

Work to change myself, in hopes I find salvation… 66 more words



It gets better…

Everything will work out in the end…

There is a word for that kind of lie…hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, that the world is in actuality a happy place full of good people. 122 more words

don't shit where you sleep (g2)

Lately, I’ve had a recurring thought come to my mind whenever I’m having an especially shitty day at work.

“Even dogs don’t shit where they sleep” 787 more words


community (g2)

Want to know the best and most effective way to feel safe in your own neighborhood?

Meet your neighbors.

Get to know them, their kids, their pets, their habits. 659 more words


A Blink Away

I can close my eyes and see a life of hell.
Rightfully abandoned in my self destruction.
The pain of this truth leaves me
As I open my eyes. 16 more words


best new years? swedes and wampires (g2)

To get caught up to speed, I route you to the beginning of this epic tale.

My week in Sweden was very educational. During the winter, it was pitch black outside at 4pm. 1,720 more words


Regret Me Not

I don’t regret things. Or at least I’m trying not to. I’d rather learn from my mistakes instead of look back and say “I wish such and such never happened” or “I wish I never did such and such” or “I wish I didn’t accept such and such”. 329 more words

Inner Demons