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What Do You Love Today?

Going down another pant size, making money, upcoming camping trips, veggie omelettes and amazing smelling bath wash.

What do YOU love today?

Inner Dialogue

What Has Become of Us?

Even though I have spent over half my life without one, not remembering to grab my cell phone off my dresser this morning has left me with a feeling of mild anxiety. 190 more words

Journal Entry

Going It Alone

I wonder how many children grow up in households that should feel like complete families but in reality one of the parents chooses to spend the majority of their time elsewhere? 153 more words


Youthful Misadventures

“That Time I Was Forced To Go Along (Unknowingly) On A Drug Run to Jordan, MN”

One of the nightclubs in downtown Minneapolis used to host a 16+ dance party from 7-11pm and my girlfriends and I would often go down and dance to the techno beats they played. 771 more words

Inner Dialogue

Crafting a Character Part 2: It's All in the Past

In the previous installment of the Crafting a Character series, we took a look at how characters think and behave in the present. What usually shapes those behaviours and attitudes is their past. 914 more words


Youthful Misadventures

“That Time I Got Roofied”

Back in my early high school days I would often hang out at a small coffee shop in downtown Anoka, called Cafe Ami, with my friends. 1,844 more words

Inner Dialogue

As a (wo)man thinketh ...

“As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.”
James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Our bodies react to our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 851 more words

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