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Crossed Dimensions 2: Let’s Build an ITC Bridge

Carly is still experiencing a lot of spirit activity (as described in my previous post), which she’s capturing in photos and video. In the enhancement below you can see two or three spirit faces, reminiscent of the spirit-face photos I used to take with a Polaroid camera in the presence of the luminator. 942 more words

Heaven And Earth

Nonspiritual People Can Find a Spiritual Path

In recent years I’ve been exploring the 12-Step Program as one of the most popular and effective paths to spiritual development in today’s world.

Although used almost exclusively by people trying to break the bonds of alcoholism and drugs and other addictive things, I’m convinced that the 12 steps could provide an excellent spiritual path for anyone, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs… regardless of whether they have any addictions. 567 more words

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