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J.Crew's Ludlow Suit #travels

J.Crew proves that incongruent campaigns and timeless style are the perfect match for selling men’s suits

Recently, J.Crew has been KILLING it on social medi… 340 more words

Marketing For Thought

Reasons to love J.Crew's latest Instagram contest

How Instagrams of wearing, rolling and pairing their favorite denim gives J.Crew inside looks at their costumer’s behaviors

Within the past year, Instagram has taken the world by storm. 299 more words

Exploring Europe

Perfect vs. Natural: The battle between Photoshop, fashion and millennials

From Photoshop scandals to trending exercises endorsing “thigh gaps” and “bikini bridges,” the media is no stranger to manipulating beauty.

Target recently fell into this Photoshop-gone-wrong category with an over-edited “thigh gap” on a bikini model. 660 more words

Marketing For Thought