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The Devil starts a new educational program

The Devil looked at all the attendees of his new hellish workshop and, with a cavity-filled smile, said, “We can no longer simply trick earth-humans into making overt acts of wrongdoing. 273 more words


Article: "The Montessori Approach to Discipline", Montessori Foundation

I had a very insightful tour today with a new, prospective family. One of their main concerns was “freedom” in the classrooms, and if the children are given too much independence. 396 more words


Pondering Swedenborg’s Doctrines more deeply

I have been studying Emanuel Swedenborg’s theological writings for forty years. Each year I am becoming more convinced that I have wrongly interpreted Swedenborg’s insights towards spiritual transformation. 278 more words


Summary Of My Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are over. I had three weeks (anything less is not a proper holiday) of glorious free time for myself. I enjoyed it, I was able to fully relax and detach from work and my work-related worries and tension. 861 more words


Not Drowning, But Flying

Hidden deep within the jungle, far removed from the outside world, there lay a village.  On the night of the Festival of Colours, the villagers would paint their bodies in all the raiments of the Earth and Sky and dance long into the night. 1,484 more words

Short Story

Unflattering self-discoveries

What many people miss about the purpose of religion is that, while living, each of us is to “die” to our old self and its ways. 175 more words



Your love is like liquid fertilizer-  spilling down into the roots of my heart, extending them deeper into the soil of my soul, causing new nutrients of hope to pulse back up through my branches, pushing forth verdant new shoots. 9 more words