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Eckhart Tolle on vigilance

An inspirational talk on the faculty that Eckhart Tolle calls vigilance and its role in transforming consciousness.


In any situation, what really matters is not the situation, but your state of consciousness that you bring to it. 216 more words

Inner Growth

Serving others

Theologian Emanuel Swedenborg said that the way we serve others is the way we ultimately serve the Lord God. Service determines where one’s heart really is and where our actions stem from. 108 more words




这次看 assasin’s creed,自然那部津科刺亲王进到了我的脑子里。



Inner Growth

about doing nothing _ by Nassim Taleb

LEARNING TO DO NOTHING (Idleness as a BS detector/cleaner) – At the start of this year I resolved to do “nothing except if it felt like a hobby” i.e., “satisfy interests while providing entertainment value with zero pressure, no schedule and no feeling of duty”. 128 more words

Inner Growth

Mindfulness: Let Go, Love

Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, atheist, or some other-ist, there are truths in all religions and philosophies; one only has to expose oneself to them, keep an open mind and an open eye. 192 more words


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Letting Go & Developing Unconditional Love with Mindfulness.

An incomplete metaphor

One of the most familiar metaphors used to depict human spiritual growth is that of a lowly caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

While it is true that we all can manifest greater beauty in our lives, it is wrong to assume that the process itself is a painless and purely beautiful experience. 135 more words


Simplicity in words

“To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” 263 more words