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Gentle Love

I don’t know God’s plan

I know he has a plan

for me

When I am blessed to see

The reason why stars shine and why there are shooting stars… 58 more words

Photo Op

I saw you today

In a way that I haven’t seen in a while

Couldn’t help but smile

The light around you made me shade my eyes… 98 more words

Master Craftsman

He already knows the beauty underneath

Slowly, experience by experience

He chips away

Revealing the beauty of you

His masterpiece

God’s mastery of the hammer and chisel… 17 more words

Gratitude Day 20

1. I am thankful for the inspiration to write new songs. // Estoy agradecido por la inspiraciĆ³n para escribir canciones.

2. I am thankful because I am willing to listen and put my trust on what God says of me and not what the enemy wants me to believe. 142 more words

Angel Vazquez

Gratitude 18

1. I am thankful for the smile I can put on others people faces. // Agradezco los momentos en los que hGo sonreĆ­r a otros. 248 more words

Angel Vazquez

Jewel of Eternal Peace and Beauty~A Short Meditation~

I turn my attention inwards, I visualize myself as a being of Light, I am that point of eternal light in the center of the forehead. 99 more words

Spiritual Notes For The Soul