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A Guided Meditation: Quiet

A Guided Meditation: Quiet

This is a meditation about being quiet. Modern life is full of sights and sounds that compete for our attention. Television and radio, the conversations of our neighbors and friends, even the hum of traffic fills the world with interesting things to watch and listen to. 943 more words


What is Embodiment # 94: The Fire Within

With one week before the end of this series, what have I learned, confirmed, and burned away with Dave Oshana?

It is better to rely on your own light, no matter how dim or flickering, than the light of another, even when it seems big and bright enough to fill your world forever. 47 more words

The Woman of Light

Sitting under his favorite tree

The poet begins to write

And out of the thoughts of his heart

She comes to life

The one he holds dear… 191 more words


Light of God

Light of God

Touch me

Illuminate my spirit

Swallow and consume the darkness

Keep my heart from hardening

Strengthen me to rise above pettiness and hurtful things… 45 more words

Excerpt from “Birding in the Face of Terror” — Act V

In this scene, Pedro is alone, driving a bus from his home base in San Luis Obispo, CA to San Jose.

“This idea started to percolate a couple months ago when I decided I might want to be a Quaker. 1,139 more words



Amazing is the word of the day

In every song we sing

And in every word we say

Amazing family

Amazing friends

Amazing love

With no end… 56 more words


bursting on my scene

with your shine

walking sunshine

i’m digging your scene

and your shine

things are looking up today

but i’m looking down… 13 more words