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With All The Hope In The World

Born innocent

With all the hope in the world

For joy, happiness and peace.

Yet the way life goes,

Things happened

To disrupt all that potential peace… 85 more words

Innocent Until Accused -Another Example of Misconduct

Yet another article about evidence being hidden and another innocent person falling victim to a justice system that continues to count on everyone to play by the rules… and continues to turn a blind eye on the seemingly constant examples to the contrary.   770 more words

You look so tired

Dearest Oscar,

Saw you in court on day 23 and you look so tired. I would not wish this hell on my worst enemy. Have faith in the fact that it is almost over! 42 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Pistorius Trial: The Key Questions (Documentary on Oscar Pistorius)

Documentary surrounding Oscar Pistorius’ trial. Two eminent South African lawyers weigh the evidence against the Olympic sprinter with the aid of a purpose-built replica of his bedroom and bathroom

Good luck

My heart goes out to you Oscar. I watch the trial everyday and I believe in my heart you innocent, I feel your pain and it breaks my heart. 26 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Is it not innocent until proven guilty?

Is it not innocent until proven guilty?
To many Gerrie Nel’s out there more interested in his own stardom than the truth!! I hope Oscar get of scott free


Oscar Pistorius