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Systematic Murder. Part-Three.

The Nazi Blueprint.

Many nations and Dictatorships have follwed in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, from Asia to Africa. Millions of innocent people died in the 20th Century for race and beliefs or being on the wrong side at the wrong time. 54 more words


I came here today with dreams in my young heart looking forward to seeing my friends. Playing with them. Drawing my future with them.
It’s oddly still and silent now, amongst the screams and panic. 94 more words

Freedom, Expression, Discretion

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Freedom is a notion that was put forwards when nations began. People moving from one locale to another to find Freedom. Because where they were, was not what people wanted. 1,814 more words


Deep condolences

Most people including my parents would assume that I appear quite, cold and reserved because I was born this way. What they might not be able to understand is I analyze everything from alpha to omega, process all the information with precise calculations, observe my surroundings, being thoughtful, expand my awareness to the planes or points that still become misery and will be explored later decades from today. 263 more words


'I Saw Death So Close'

                                                                   I SAW DEATH SO CLOSE

This post is probably just a way to vent out my anger but I have absolutely no words which could describe the anguish and pain I feel when I hear all this news about the Peshawar attacks. 326 more words


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The Innocents Bluray Of

The Bluray player that provides crystal-clear images and terrific sound system defines the ultimate definition of high-end technology. Aside from the playing capacity, you can enjoy recording high definition video of your favorite stars and celebrities. 376 more words