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A little fun with InnoDB multi-versioning

Consider the following commands, executed in the MySQL CLI on a new connection with no special preparation (and pay special attention to the execution time): 939 more words


The basics of the InnoDB undo logging and history system

InnoDB implements multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), meaning that different users will see different versions of the data they are interacting with (sometimes called snapshots… 1,364 more words


on io scheduling again

Most of database engines have to deal with underlying layers – operating systems, device drivers, firmware and physical devices, albeit different camps choose different methods. 1,210 more words


MySql Full Text Search - Overview

It can be used with MyISAM tables, and it can be created only for CHAR, VARCHAR and TEXT columns.

MyISAM: It is a default storage engine which provides high-speed storage and retrieval, with full-text search capability. 229 more words


While definitely not a new topic, this blog post will go over the two most common database engines in MySQL: MyISAM and InnoDB.