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Using MySQL NDB with ruby on rails

Using NDB with ruby on rails is a big problem. Ruby generates table by its own script, but in default it generates the tables in InnoDB engine. 284 more words


Innodb Performance Tuning Tips and Research

 MySQL is an astonishing piece of software but its worth noting that it is complex and requires work to really take advantage of.  No where is this more true than in performance tuning. 141 more words


MySQL trap for beginners

If you intend for your students to implement referential integrity automatically via the database make sure the default storage engine is InnoDB or some other format that supports cascading deletes and actions on update. 10 more words

Backup And Restore Multiple Databases In MYSQL

In this post we will learn how to perform backup of multiple databases and restore them in MySQL server.

To perform multiple database backup execute below command. 172 more words


Change Engine Of MySQL Tables in Bulk

In this post we will learn how to change engine of MySQL tables in bulk. suppose we have a requirement where we have to change engine from MyISAM to InnoDB for all the tables in database , to do so follow below steps. 249 more words


Optimizing innodb queries

optimizing innodb queries

  1. to tune the queries on innodb tables have a set of appropriate indexes on each table.
  2. do not specify too many or too long column in primary key because the values are getting duplicated in each secondary index…

  3. 413 more words

Bulk Loading For InnoDB Tables.

1. when inserting bulk tables in innodb tables make autocommit=0 because it performas log flush for every inserts.
to disable it follow below procedure

set autocommit=0… 154 more words