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The robots are coming – or rather - they are here

National Danish TV station looks at the future in robots technology together with the Danish Technological Institute. 199 more words

Robotter på Teknologisk Institut i nationalt tv

Center for Robotteknologi i Odense besøgt af førende dansk national tv-station for at se fremtidens robotter 193 more words


Most of my projects involves innovation in some flavour: new product design, software development, customer engagement or operational process change and many more aspects. I work on a project (contract) basis, typically 6 month and longer projects with clients.  299 more words


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Paralyzed man walks again after transplant of cells from his nose to spine

Darek Fidyka was stabbed in the back in 2010 and paralyzed from the chest down. After a year of rehab and no apparent improvement, surgeons tried a radical procedure: they extracted olfactory cells — basically, cells from the back of his nose — and transplanted them into an eight-millimeter gap at level T9 in his severed spinal cord.

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Healthcare Innovation is Happening in the “Valleys” Between Episodes of Illness

A few years ago (likely when the idea of paying for “bundles” of care came into fashion) somebody introduced the concept of patients and healthcare delivery systems interfacing in an “episodic” fashion. 484 more words

Optimism (O+) vs Pesimism (P-)

“Nothing was ever accomplished without enthusiasm”…Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote. Enthusiasm, optimism, gratefulness, acceptance, all these are words we hear every day, which are supposed to lead us towards having a positive outlook on life, are almost in direct opposition to the information we are bombarded with by our little flat cubes which we worship every […]