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Within 24 hours, 3D printer can make a car

When Jay Rogers drove away from the International Manufacturing Technology Show in September and toured around Chicago in a two-seated, you could be excused for not paying much attention. 336 more words


6 Mobile Apps For Business Owners Dorien Morin-van Dam

Is Your Business Mobile Yet?

There is no question about the importance of any business having a presence on mobile applications (or apps for short). With millions carrying their smartphones everywhere and children being able to tap and choose a YouTube video before they can even read, you know that mobile is the way to go with your online marketing. 975 more words


The Rabbit Sweettooth: [almost] Vegan Upside-Down Apple Cinnamon Donuts with Maple-Sriracha glaze

“You eat so healthy.”

Wow, what a keen observation! I certainly have never heard such an original remark, and will likely consider this expression for the rest of today’s happenings.

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Minority Report Made In Germany

Hollywood has given so many wonderful and inspirational ideas to the cyber world. Or, it was the other way around? Either way, some concepts are so revolutionary and intriguing at the same time that we had to try them in the real world. 164 more words

Talk To The Hand

The revolution is already here. At our very doorsteps. It will let itself in without even asking us for a permit in the first place. The busy little bees from the South Korea science and research department have come up with something truly amazing. 166 more words

Anonymous Account Threatens ‘Fate Worse Than Sony’ For MTV Steph Bazzle

One Anonymous Twitter account is threatening MTV with a ‘fate worse than Sony’ if they don’t comply with demands to apologize and remove an article about the hackers and Iggy Azalea. 540 more words