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The best 5 Smartphones of 2014 june

As a sequel to a previous article, “The evolution of mobile phones“, we present you The 5 most popular and successful smartphones in 2014. 735 more words

Innovative leadership and your culture: A white paper from Darrell W. Gunter

  1. Introduction.
  2. What is innovation and why it is important to your business?
  3. Innovation and technology.
  4. Company culture.
    1. What is your company’s culture and does it lend itself to an innovative and high performing culture?
  5. 22 more words

Applying an innovation mindset to airports

As I sit here at 5 AM waiting for my flight I have to pause and wonder why no one is taking advantage of the incredible resources that exist within the airport lounge.   733 more words

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How Established Businesses Can Channel Startup Mentality

In my post, Why Startups Make Corporations Nervous, I documented what differentiated startups from established businesses. While existing companies have a lot going for them, including resources and experience, startups possess qualities that these companies should try to harness. 333 more words

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