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Whoa! Sensory overload coming.

Imagine watching a 3D flick and suddenly feeling the special effects. It is happening already, and may come to a theater near you! 31 more words


Why we are more excited about Future Technologies than Closer-to-Reality ones

Part of the fun of writing based on Kabbalah are articles like these published after some empirical study or research corroborated something you wrote way back… 575 more words


Driving Innovation Initiatives Through Mobile Technology Rik Walters

Twenty years ago, businesses seeking to drive innovation initiatives had a limited number of touch points to consider, and few technology options. Back then, the majority of customer interactions involved one of three scenarios: face-to-face in a retail store or corporate office; over the telephone; or, in writing delivered via snail mail. 772 more words


Cisco Classic, Cisco ACI, Arista, and Dual Vendor Strategies Mike Bushong

That networking gear is expensive is not really a new phenomenon. SDN and bare metal switching have kicked the industry dialogue about cost up a notch, but this has obviously been a focal point for networking buyers for years. 949 more words


Mobile Means Business! Bob Speyer

Fact: The fastest growing segment in marketing is Mobile. If businesses what to be relevant they need to take a serious look at “mobilizing” and develop a well-defined mobile strategy… or they could be at a real competitive disadvantage! 351 more words


Social Web Innovation |

Social Web Innovation Mag is out! http://t.co/o3WvaikofA Stories via @wachtfogel

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Social Web Innovation Mag is out! http://t.co/o3WvaikofA Stories via @wachtfogel
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Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss at Your Company James Daugherty

If you’ve relegated the task of data backup to the farthest corners of your IT department and put the matter to rest, you might want to rethink that decision—especially in light of the fact that… 462 more words