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The Messy Business of Social Movement Funding

I recently worked for a foundation that had admirable aspirations of creating large scale social change, potentially through a social movement. As we researched the business of social movement building, it proved to be a topic mired in caveats. 274 more words


4-in-1 Travel Adapter by Flight 001

Submitted by: Jill Greenberg

Ever been out of the country? Then it’s likely you’ve used a power adapter to recharge your devices. It’s hard to know what adapter goes with what country and it’s not uncommon to bring them all to ensure you’ve got your bases covered. 98 more words

Nope, #YouDeserveThis

No. Nope. No Thanks.

You don’t have to say yes to everything – in fact, it might be doing more harm than good.  Learn to say, “No” and learn to be OK with saying it. 326 more words

Successful Strategies

From Magic to Manuals: a Hard but Worthwhile Transition for Social Innovators

In their early days of ground-breaking social innovation, many of the innovators I have known worked out of their proverbial garage, without much in the way of strategy or funding or staff. 295 more words