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The modern to-do list is saving the world by saving time

Work toward a common goal and improve the productivity of individuals and groups using Asana.

Written by Elissa Roberts

After introducing about many technologies and companies in sport industry, today I would like to share with you the technology behind the scene which makes our work more productive.—— 355 more words

Danger of Innovations

The Messanger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“indeed Allah does not accept the repentance of an innovator until he stops his innovation” (at-tabraanee)

and he (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: 97 more words


Why Nurses Need A Google Doodle: #RNgoogledoodle Innovator No. 10

I swam in the ocean today. Something about it’s hugeness makes me feel out of control and safe at the same time. I love it and I fear it. 1,136 more words

An "Apple" a Day...: Steve Jobs on Perseverance.

Failure is unimportant; bouncing back from defeat is what will land you success. Keep on keeping on and trust yourself to achieve your dreams.

I’ve had so many moments where I felt like giving up, but the only thing that makes me want to continue fighting for my dream job is knowing that no one else is going to be fighting for me. 106 more words

Can anyone be an INNOVATOR?

It is more than true to say that businesses who do not innovate are carrying a very high probability that they might become less of a force in their market sector, or worse still… 924 more words

Scratch Animation and the Learning Curve Continues

This week the emphasis was on the many and varied digital technologies available for learning digitally.  One of these technologies was the online animation software, Scratch.   174 more words


A Warning Against Taking Knowledge From Innovators & Individuals Whose Condition Is Unknown - Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool

Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool said “…I warn of some (Islamic radio (also some Islamic TV)) stations that have lessons with individuals whose affairs are not known or those who are known to have deviated from the salafi methodology. 410 more words