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How Great Companies Keep in Touch with Their Clients

Innovator Industrial Services delivers high-value specialty maintenance services across Canada and supports heavy industry’s high-temperature and high-pressure piping systems to the oil and gas industry — as well as many other technical industrie…

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People Who Have Contributed to Society......

So the next person on the list of people who have contributed greatly to society…is Bi Sheng…..and we say well who is Bi Sheng…..only the first known inventor of moveable type technology…better known as a printing press……so Bi……got the idea to make a printing press and he used clay figures to make his print……of course other people came behind him and improved on his original design….but this man took his concept out of his head and put it into the world…not only did this idea create more jobs for others that would one day work on the printing press…he also helped authors, writers, and any one needed to convey a message through story or pictures………and he did it with no questions and asked and because it was his calling…….well enjoy. 8 more words

Bi Sheng

People Who Have Contributed to Society.......

So the next person on my list of people who have contributed to society is none other than…..Garrett  Augustus  Morgan Sr. This man of his many inventions came up with a safety hood/gas mask that was used by firefighters to rescue people in fires….Mr. 110 more words


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At times when I should be actual dreaming, I’m hopelessly awake and day dreaming of creation.

I spend the hours past my bed time in a doe eyed dazed, trying to wrap my brain around the rarity and beyond a word for beauty of an idea from complete scratch. 178 more words

Not Everyone Who Falls Into Bidah Is A Innovator - Shaykh Rabee Ibn Haadee Al-Madkhalee

Shaykh Rabee Bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee said, “…(Not) everyone who falls into bidah is declared an innovator; because if we were to adopt this principle, we would make tabdee (a declartion a Muslim is a innovator) of the majority of the Imams of Islam.   221 more words