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Me and the 'Living Job'

I have just been seconded to work in Organisational Development until the end of the year. Yay! However, apparently there have been some disgruntled mutterings about me securing this opportunity… So, what makes me a good fit for this role? 281 more words

The $1 Paper Microscope That Could Change the World

When diagnosing people in the developing world, health workers often go into the field lugging bulky, fragile, and expensive microscopes.

While traveling in Thailand, a scientist dreamt up a lightweight, low-cost alternative: a pocket-sized paper microscope made from a single sheet of folded paper, a pair of lenses, and an LED. 11 more words


Featured Job: Senior Game Developer

The digital revolution is bringing ground shaking changes to the way we work and play.  For many companies and individuals, it is difficult to keep pace in the wake of these innovations. 277 more words


those two green kapok pillows

are real soothers. hmmmm..

another gift from Allah, Alhamdulillah~

8 traits of successful entrepreneurs--Do you have what it takes?

Originally Blogged By: Jason Bowser, Featured Startup Business Expert on Minority Business Development Agency

Starting a business is a lot of work. Anyone who tells you it’s not is either lying or has never actually started one themselves. 814 more words

Which Box Are You In?

By Jim Euchner, Editor-in-Chief, RTM

Constraints are funny things. They can box you in, or they can inspire you.

A Shakespearean sonnet is constrained by the dimensions of its form: 14 lines, iambic pentameter, clear rhyme scheme, closing couplet. 507 more words