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How I'm doing on my quiet journey to Christmas

Guess what?

If you read yesterday’s post you know that I’m trying to find my “quiet” space this Christmas season.

I think maybe I have a little of it figured out. 482 more words


Why I love the art department!

I am so lucky to be in such a creative environment as Wey Hall. I mean a few weeks ago I walk into the building to see this: 35 more words


Time to Take a Reading Break

Sometimes you just have to take a break and appreciate being a dirtbag!

This book was an awesome and meaningful read. Tons of climbing adventures and a lot of relatable material about how one sport could pretty much save your life and turn it 180 degrees! 13 more words


Sunset and Sunrise

I was on my Instagram (@riverchickbloggin) when I saw this challenge to see the sunset and sunrise in the same day. Well I was stoked because this fell on my 20 hour drive to College Station, Texas to see my brother fro Thanksgiving. 70 more words

a sheep without wheels.

“Since our cave-dwelling days, the question of why we make art and why we enjoy it has haunted us as a perennial specter of the human experience. 532 more words


3 Tips for Staying Sane This Season

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of…well with just an overwhelming sense! I have 3 major aspects of my life going on at the moment: one is a new, work venture/project I am working, another is the ministry I run and then there are lots of family related things to tend to. 693 more words