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Understanding UEi EM201B Test Dual Input Differential Manometer

= [-9c1sin3x – 18cos3x] + 9

Where, a is an arbitrary constant. Differentiating with respect to x on both sides , we get

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Because Input isn't Everything

I am a blessed man. I am surrounded by friends who love me and care for me. I am gainfully employed. I have my health. I am disappointed that I won’t be seeing my family much during the holiday season. 607 more words


Learning ground for selflessness | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is usually nice for anyone to have learnt how to be selfless just before getting into a relationship that is marriage bound. If they fail to learn such before that time they are usually forced to learn it as soon as they get into a serious relationship. 624 more words


Add onClick event on form input with multiple checkbox

To add a javascript onclick event on a form input with multiple checkbox, use this alternative method:

$options = array(); 
foreach($roles as $value => $label) { 
  $options[] = array( 
    'name' => $label, 
    'value' => $value, 
    'onClick' => 'showDiv(this)' 
echo $form->input('Role', array('options' => $options, ...)); 
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How input is prepared

In this post, I will discuss how input to the mapper is generated and I will do the first exercise on that. But before that lets take a closer look at the WordCount code ( 1,860 more words


Test Logic - Input Validation [strcmp, strlen, strcpy...]

Hehe… materi bab validasi pengembangannya jadi aneh-aneh. Awalnya sih sederhana, misal sekedar input angka nilai harus 0-100, tidak boleh minus, tidak boleh lebih dari seratus. Lalu validasi input string, misal panjang karakter harus sekian, pake strlen, atau input hanya boleh kata ini, ini dan ini, bisa pake strcmp, atau harus diawali dengan kata ‘xxx’ misal, bisa mainin array of char. 467 more words