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Class vs. Swag

Is there perhaps a preferred age in which one should switch from swag to class?  No matter how many times Soulja Boy tells you to turn your ‘swag on’ – you should probably reconsider. 186 more words


#1,118 - An Example of Input that Obeys CurrentCulture

One step in internationalizing an application is to respect the current regional settings when reading numeric or date/time values from a user.

If you are parsing user-entered text and converting to numeric or date/time data, the  99 more words


Hand To Heart

“Knowing we can create a safe space for ourselves, no matter where we are or how we feel, is a gift that will last the rest of your life.” 365 more words


#1,117 - Internationalization II - Obey CurrentCulture for Input

The first step in internationalizing an application is to ensure that your application honors the user’s current regional settings, as reflected by the CurrentCulture property… 122 more words


The Daddy Review

Samuel did something that we as fathers should do, he inquired of the people if they had any complaints to bring before him.  He wanted to know if he had cheated them, stolen from anyone, or made any bribes.  437 more words

Family Life

Using Swing to take input in Java

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
class input{

public static void main(String args[])

int x;

x=Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog(“Enter a numeric value”));
//String y=”The number is “+String.valueOf(x);
String y=”The number is “+Integer.toString(x); 18 more words


Laying out goals for a smooth transition

In just the short time that I’ve been back, I’ve been quite impressed with everything Michigan State University Extension is accomplishing. There’s so much opportunity ‒ I’m excited to be back and be a part of it. 386 more words

Msu Extension