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A Quick Thought

“In the books of our lives, life writes at a pace too quick for its own protagonists to read.”


Revised Draft of College Hill Neighborhood Plan!

December 17, 2014 – The Draft College Hill Neighborhood Plan (CHNP) has been extensively revised and is now available for public review! ┬áThe revised Draft CHNP is scheduled to be presented to the Greensboro Planning Board, for review and recommendation in a… 293 more words


Java Basic - Simple Exception Handling

Ngoding, panjang-panjang, test run, baru sampe input, runtime error alias nge-break gara-gara type data variable inputnya integer tapi diisi character…wkwk… Akhirnya buat validasi dah pake fungsi isDigit atau pattern matcher. 300 more words

The short-run theory of production

1.Output depends on the amount of resources (inputs) and how they are used. It will take time to acquire a greater quantity of inputs.

a)There are two types of factors which influence output: 279 more words

Supply And Elasticity Of Supply

Getting Keyboard Input From Swift Console Applications

I recently started messing around a little bit with the programming language Swift. While a main objective of Swift is to make iOS development easier than with Objective-C, that isn’t really where my focus is. 304 more words


Join Pattern (part 2)

In this post I continue the discussion on join operation. We noticed how inefficient the previous join app could be;.It had to deliver all the records across the network to the reducer and that could be quiet expensive. 819 more words


Decision about the compilation

The title couldn’t be any more specific.

I have decided to release it next week, so the date now should be the lastest the 16th. I did this because of the reasons previously stated in my… 115 more words