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Somewhat related to Game Grumps

Internet video-heavy post, because I was in the field a huge chunk of the week without much time to think about what I was going to say. 164 more words


The Groundswell Inside Your Company...

Groundswell can be used within a company in order to improve communication with your employees. The same trends that empower customers in the groundswell also applies to employees in a company. 376 more words

High precision input timing

I’ve heard some developers complain that Unity only updates input once per frame, and that they find themselves in some circumstance where they need more accurate information about when exactly a key was pressed. 164 more words


On authorship and risk

I have a long-standing argument with a good friend about who should co-author a paper. The particular disagreement is about the role of someone, who has substantially helped to write and shape the story of a paper. 576 more words

This Scientific Life

In PYLEPRO PPHP803MU 8Inch 600 Watt Powered TwoWay PA

• The reception range is good. (The speakers would play good audio even the device is in other closed room).

• The user cannot control the volume of the speaker. 328 more words

HTML input and boolean values

This is so outrages.

Try showing a boolean value in HTML and it won’t show!

  <input type="text" id="isNotificationRead" value="@Model.is_read" /> 

Instead, you’ll get ‘value’ if true and empty if false. 50 more words


Current Media: April 2014 Edition


Dark Souls 2 - Dark Souls 2 is the game I kind of wish Dark Souls 1 had been. The series remains hard in a completely fair way, but the second game does a better job of introducing the controls and mechanics for newer players, and the difficulty curve doesn’t hit the stratosphere as quickly after the starting area. 404 more words