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JULY 26, 2013 - Description: Short in switches and chandelier, etc, CATEGORY = ELECTRICAL: VENDOR= C&C ELECTRIC, COST=UNKNOWN

Re: – New Work Order

This notification is to inform you that a work order has been received for the referenced property. A contractor has been assigned to this maintenance issue. 99 more words


AUGUST STATEMENT 07/17/2013: JULY 17-2013,Work Order #: 341, Description: regular home service, Assigned Vendor: Home Shield Pest Control for pest: Total=$173.20

2005 08/07/2013 Home Shield Pest Control Paid 08/07/2013 08/13/2013 $173.20 $173.20 REPAIR – Repairs carpenter ants $173.20 Total $173.20

Re: – New Work Order… 110 more words


07/10/2013:: Work Order #: 335 :: Assigned Vendor: Mayeux :::LOCATION = MISCELLANEOUS, Cost: $0.00

07/10/2013 Work Order #: 335

Specific Location: misc

Assigned Vendor: Mayeux

Estimated Cost: $0.00

1)  couldnt find an invoice or bill for this .. by mayeux or anyone else… 16 more words


Three Ways To Figure Out The Weather (2009)

1. Watch a local weatherman.
2. Ask a friend.
3. Stick your head outside of a window.
Whether rain or shine-
Sometimes it is a hard correct call to find.



Do you ever have those days where you just feel like nothing ever works out the way you planned? Cleaning my office yesterday, I came across some broken dreams. 771 more words

Excel - Analysing Your Workbooks with the Inquire Add-In

In Excel 2013, amongst all the other amazing features that have been added since 2010 is a new add-in that can analyse your workbook for errors or inconsistencies. 1,121 more words