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Three Ways To Figure Out The Weather (2009)

1. Watch a local weatherman.
2. Ask a friend.
3. Stick your head outside of a window.
Whether rain or shine-
Sometimes it is a hard correct call to find.



Do you ever have those days where you just feel like nothing ever works out the way you planned? Cleaning my office yesterday, I came across some broken dreams. 771 more words

Excel - Analysing Your Workbooks with the Inquire Add-In

In Excel 2013, amongst all the other amazing features that have been added since 2010 is a new add-in that can analyse your workbook for errors or inconsistencies. 1,121 more words


You cannot FORCE GOD


If we need guidance or wisdom we must ask of the Lord and He will freely give it to us, but we cannot FORCE GOD to answer us. 134 more words

Excel: Using Inquire

Quietly, Microsoft released a new feature with Excel 2013 Professional called Inquire. Inquire allows you to do all kinds of things at an excel level, making it much easier to analyze workbooks for formulas, compare dependencies across the environment from both the workbook and worksheet level. 756 more words


Journalistic Pursuits: Do Songs Have Meaning Anymore?

Sometimes I write for the university newspaper because I have every intention of becoming Rory Gilmore. So I thought I would link you to my latest article, in case any of you are interested. 24 more words



Why do we want the things we can’t have?
Why is settling such a drag?
Why don’t people answer the important questions?
Why is slander part of every election? 51 more words