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November 25, 2014

Dear Tiggy,

As an older bisexual woman (42) married to a man for ten years, what questions should I expect from my family when I come out to them? 588 more words


Inquiry 2 Zero Draft

Sexual assault is a very common topic in research, and it can have many different effects on the victim and come in many different ways.  Sexual assault is also very prevalent, with one in five girls and one in twenty boys being a victim of child abuse.   241 more words


Sexual abuse: Children should never again be silenced

The community has come to acknowledge that fundamental wrongs have been committed in the past which have caused great trauma and lasting damage to many people. 813 more words


Last Minute Questions?

Hey all!

Monday is quickly approaching and I know all of us here at Kutztown are very excited to see everyones final books! If anyone has any last minute questions as we put our final touches on our books, feel free to post them in a comment below!

See you soon!



Wild Chapters 14 and 15

In Wild, Strayed’s progress in her mindset and understanding about her life is not signaled directly but rather by how her thinking changes, as well as her newly found positivity about everything on the trail.   364 more words


To Sarah G....... ENVELOPES........ -Tyler

Hey Sarah, in thinking about your idea for your book of envelopes I found some ways for you to incorporate the envelopes right into your structure. 14 more words