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The Most Critical Inquiries To Ask Ahead Of Your Wedding Day

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So, you’ve decided to get married. Congratulations! But now, right here comes the challenging element&#8211planning for the huge day. There are invitations to send, venues to discover, dresses to try on, cakes to taste, flowers to order and a lot more. If… http://goo.gl/gmCErj

Daily Ideas

What is Audiobus?

What is Audiobus?

Description- Audiobus is a mobile application designed for the IPad. It is designed to allow multiple music/sound applications to work together on one platform. 406 more words


Watch out!

Around June of 2012, I was shopping around for the best bank, including lines of credit.

CSC Credit Services sent me a letter explaining my Credit Score had dropped to 764.. 200 more words

My View Of The World

Kids are soooooo inquisitive.

Well, I was at our garage doing some work stuff on my laptop. I can’t do it in my room since Elsa (the dog we baby sit) can’t stop making noises if she doesn’t have company. 305 more words

Making Friends

I am what you might call a fairly shy person, though at the same time that simple description does not quiet fit me. Basically what I am trying to say is I keep to myself most of the time and usually prefer to have a few close friends than to have tons of friends I may or may not be close with. 521 more words


a spondylus bead from south france

An inquiry on behalf of Anne Hasler from INRAP concering an interesting Spondylus bead

We found a circular bead made out of Spondylus in the south of France (ca. 93 more words


What is thy name?

There’s this great scene in the film It’s A Wonderful Life when Jimmy Stewart’s character, George, is telling off mean, ‘ol Mr. Potter. It’s a moment that no matter how many times I see it, I always want to yell at the screen right along with him and say, “You tell him, George!” He¬†tells Potter, “You’re right when you say my father was no businessman. 711 more words