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Week 10 Inquiry: Find a website/brochure/magazine and reflect on what appeals to you and write a short review

I came across a brochure, amongst many, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. The reason why this one in particular jumped out at me was the presence of infographics on the cover. 29 more words


The Importance of Peer Review

Most of the comments I received pointed out that I didn’t have a clear thesis, which is something I need to work on.  A few also suggested using other idiosyncrasies that Oskar uses, which I may do if I have to.  70 more words


"Heavy Boots" Zero Draft

The theme of “heavy boots” is possibly the most recurring theme in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, so much so that one of the chapters is actually named “Heavier Boots.”  “Heavy boots” is an expression that Oskar uses to describe his sadness in his life.  252 more words

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Gel Polish For Newbies? All The Inquiries And Answers

Need to you use Gel polish or standard nail polish? This is anything individual but to commence with: Gel nail polish compared to typical nail polish is a lot of instances stronger. 28 more words

Women Ideas

Week 9 Inquiry: Review a curated collection

This week we had to review two different examples of curation – one is data driven the other written by editors.

We had to then consider the differences, how the information was structured and presented and if this made a difference to the way it might be received. 6 more words


Week 8 Inquiry: Review a social media platform

On a personal level, I don’t participate in social networking sites. I did a number of years ago with Facebook, although, that was short lived. 120 more words