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Inquisition - Obscure Verses For The Multiverse

By far the greatest song on this album was Spiritual Plasma Evocation. The artwork was more to my liking than their previous choices. And now the wait begins for their next release.

Black Metal

Bölzer, the swastika and ill-advised reclamation

Like most things in life, I caught on late to Bölzer, the Swiss death/black metal duo whose music has been received rapturously by metal critics over the last year or so. 1,533 more words

Black Metal

New Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer showcases combat

A new trailer uploaded to the game’s official YouTube account has showcased the combat in the third entry of BioWare’s Dragon Age series.

For those who have concerns over whether the upcoming title will be more akin to the somewhat mediocre second in the series than the amazing first: you can now stop worrying! 162 more words

Video Games

#Miniature Monday: Deathwatch Kill Team

Some of the Twitter people will remember this from a while back, I showed off the Inquisitor/Sargent. This is him finished with the rest if his Deathwatch squad. 27 more words


Newest Addition - Inquistior Aurea Pugno!

I have 2 Inquistiors already, a kitbashed Ordo Malleus in Terminator armour and an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor based on a Heresy model of the War Doctor from Doctor Who. 119 more words


Newest Addition - Simul Asino, Inquisitorial Stormlord!

Some might say that an Inquisitor with his own Shadowsword should be happy. Not this guy. Why permanently commandeer one Imperial Super Heavy when you can commandeer two?


Christian Fundamentalism Part 4: What is the Harm Cont.

This post is the last in a four part series based off of my very real interactions with Christian fundamentalists.  You can read posts one, two and three  721 more words