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What am I working on? Dirk Jans Bode

I don’t normally focus on my family for blog postings but this time I am making an exception.  The reason for the exception is that I have been working hard on a major paper on my latest obsession, Dirk Jans Bode, which has delayed my already irregular blog posting. 1,099 more words


Throne of the Creator

I sit in this crumbling castle, gazing out over the wasteland I’ve created.

My mind is long gone, deteriorated beyond repair. It’s a sweet feeling of blissfulness and insanity. 105 more words


Internally Broken

Yes, I am broken. But it’s not

for all to watch and consume I am selective about who I let see the cracks and pieces. 75 more words

Mental Health

“Lots of people are nuts… We probably are a little bit.”


Road Trips, Surprise Parties, Gigantic KitKat Bars, and Arguably the Longest Nap Ever

This is a short-ish post, because writing assignments and positively exhaustive Dave Ramsey homework awaits me, but I thought I should update.

1. I went on my Very First Road Trip All By Myself yesterday morning, to pick up Jake from JMU. 513 more words


You and I (a nice poem)

I listen to all the modern music
inspired by the rockers of your time.
You choose a path knowing where it goes,
I find the most unkempt and make it mine. 101 more words