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Dear self,

.I’m really hurting inside. I just want you to understand me. I can’t keep letting you say thing that hurt so bad. Your words are scaring me deeply. 453 more words


Escape From Tomorrow Review

Ah DisneyWorld. The place where fantasy becomes reality. Where children and adults of all ages come from around the world to go on rides, chow down on yummy snakes, and have a good ol’ time. 874 more words

Movie Review


This day, I’d like to share a little Word Porn with you.  This is a fantastic new (to me) word I discovered through Word Porn (via Facebook): 39 more words


Truth or Dare

You pick.
Truth you say. The truth is. You will fall in love with me. Don’t believe me? Try me. I will humble myself in such a way you won’t be able to resist falling into my trap. 303 more words


Name Change!

Yes, I decided to have a name change. “Poet Insane” sounded original. So, I thought of using it as my main address. But now that I think about it. 185 more words


Eve gets even with a snake & sword of her own: a story of elaborating on the human experience.

IN the bible story,

the snake of the tree of knowledge tempts eve into a chain of events which ban her and Adam with a flaming sword-wielding angel from the garden of Eden. 532 more words


Reset notebook 失敗

冇 disc

即最後可以reset 部機既方法都斷埋

只可說是 簡直崩潰到 一個點 !!!!!! 呀!!!!!!!!!


痴線, reset 電腦原來咁q 難!!!
Xxxx!!!!! Xxxx!!!! Xxxx!!!!