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True to form

I was going to heave these rocks at you

Then I remembered the scarlet letter on my breast

Or It used to be a letter… 97 more words



This is the definition of insanity. Sitting down and doing nothing while I am breastfeeding makes me crazy. Sometimes I simply yell out commands for housekeeping for every family member in sight. 90 more words

Imagine if you will...

An AI, it watches over everything and everyone, constantly protecting its charges from themselves and other. It ensures that their lives are the easiest they could possibly be, all dangerous tasks, in fact, almost everything is, watched over by the omnipresent AI and its leagues of robotic followers, ensuring that for the duration of their lives the humans are not subject to any harm. 399 more words



Crumbling particles resonating through the walls of my veins. Dispersed among them but together by mere will of folly. A controlled insanity that enables our senses to expresse themselves and taste the ecstasy of living, yet letting respect and pureness rest in place. 221 more words



Sane is something I will never be
Scarred to the core
Battling the devil that lives inside of me
But bleeding out the pain is how… 79 more words

Horus Speaks: Prologue


I have seen the darkest corners of my twisted mind collapse into anarchy, my radical idea’s no longer governed by sensible principles. They have turned into products of chaos; I see smiles of demons feasting on children’s souls. 610 more words


You’d think I’m insane with how much I’ve decided to DIY for my son’s first birthday party and you, my friend, might be right. Luckily, we’ve decided on a set theme, reserved the venue, and sent out the invitations already. 518 more words

Everyday Happenings