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Londoners hire snipers to kill foxes in their gardens

You’re no one until you have your own garden sniper. My family had nothing but a bearded guy with a baseball bat hiding behind a tree – and we didn’t even have foxes! 19 more words


Christmasing the Cat

As far as I can tell, my humans have completely lost their minds.

Once again this year they have started to celebrate what they call… 467 more words


Nightmares & Butterflies

Not too much to say about these ones which I think are from high school but I can’t be sure. Sometimes I put the date and sometimes I simply remember the time they were written other times I can’t pinpoint a time they are simply glimpses into the past. 366 more words



Today I sat and played the Sims for a few hours. Many people will already know that this game is basically about raising a family and trying to keep all the sims happy (fairly difficult without cheats!). 227 more words

Worst Hangover Movies Vol. 1

Escapism, that’s the name of the game. When movie magic can temporally nullify an aggressive hangover it’s important to stick to the safe and soothing. Go searching for an undiscovered classic or a refreshing change and you run the risk of unearthing forces which can lower you to a whole new level of sickness. 734 more words


Suffocating 10

I don’t even know where to start.
How did I get here.
I never saw it coming.
Now I’m left here in excruciating pain.

It’s like I’m drowning. 198 more words

Insane Christmas shopping..

Christmas is coming up, obviously.
Arrangements with friends and family, presents need to be bought and don’t forget about the groceries.

They say that Christmas brings out the best in people. 443 more words