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The importance of being Qur'anic

Why reading Qur’anic texts on monuments

The Qur’anic text has been widely used in Islamic architecture, mostly with a decorative aim. The beauty of Arabic calligraphy is well-known and as the human and figurative representation in building decoration was discouraged, if not entirely forbidden, just from the beginning of the Islamic time, the Word of God was used for decorative purposes. 1,124 more words


At the scene of crime with the Romans

For a number of very sensible reasons the history of Roman law has a prominent place within the study of legal history. However, in most cases we tend to focus on Roman private law, sometimes we take public law into account, and criminal law holds at its best a marginal place. 1,309 more words

Legal History

Roman Epitaphs B808:The Dead Taunt the Living

“ you who are reading this epitaph, remember that you too will be dead.”

Qui legis hunc titulum, mortalem te esse memento.

The deceased’s fitting reminder to the curious, perhaps smug, onlooker. 14 more words


Mystery Monday: Cut Off...

Sometimes solving a provenance mystery is simply a matter of digging a little deeper, doing the right research, or having the luck to come across a resource that helps shed some light on an unusual bookplate or connects a signature with the right biography.  710 more words

The registration period for the Cursa de la Mercè 2014 is now open

The registration period for the 36th edition of the traditional Cursa de la Mercè is now open. The race, which covers a distance of 10 kilometres and passes through the main streets of Barcelona, will be held next 28 September. 31 more words

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Secret Lives Of Second-Hand Books

I buy tons of second-hand books. Partly for price, and partly for the inscriptions, notes in the margin, library stamps, and the occasional receipt for a sandwich or bus ticket, that has been used as a bookmark. 219 more words


Were you taught to not write or mark your books when you were growing up? Teachers especially stressed that the books loaned to us for class had to be reused the next year and the year after that. 220 more words