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The federal ministry of health announced that the everyone should try and get their own treated mosquitoe net in prior to the rally of the Female Anopheles Mosquitoes Association of Nigeria (FAMAN). 117 more words

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Product Review - Wondercide Natural Pest Control Products

When one thinks of pesticide poisoning, they most likely think of pesticides that are utilized on produce, such as apples, lettuce tomatoes, lettuce and other fruits and vegetables.   398 more words

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Late Summer Lawn Woes

The long, languid days of Summer and the unfettered rhythm of the season will soon give way to the bustling, fractured schedule of school, and all its extra curricula.  498 more words


The Insect that Started it all: The Colorado Potato Beetle

The Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB) is native to Mexico where it fed on a weed, buffalo bur. In 1859, the CPB had adapted to feeding on potato plants in the US and the results were devastating. 317 more words


My Ant Farm

One morning recently, I discovered an inordinate amount of ants had decided that my driveway would make a good place to build a home. And without even asking permission, they’d moved right in—all 14, 273 of them! 483 more words

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Neonicotinoids harm Birds

“According to The Independent, researchers from the Radboud University Institute of Water and Wetland Research have shown that bird populations in the Netherlands have shrunk in areas with higher surface-water concentrations of the neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid. 39 more words

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Dr. Oz: Are pesticides in fruits and veggies making our kids dumb?

By Card Cruz

Eating fruits and vegetables with higher pesticides level residues may cause health risks to children, which may affect the brain noting that they are vulnerable at the critical moment of growth of young age. 307 more words