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Neonicotinoids harm Birds

“According to The Independent, researchers from the Radboud University Institute of Water and Wetland Research have shown that bird populations in the Netherlands have shrunk in areas with higher surface-water concentrations of the neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid. 39 more words

Endangered Birds

Dr. Oz: Are pesticides in fruits and veggies making our kids dumb?

By Card Cruz

Eating fruits and vegetables with higher pesticides level residues may cause health risks to children, which may affect the brain noting that they are vulnerable at the critical moment of growth of young age. 307 more words

International taskforce back action on neonicotinoids

http://wildlifenews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bee.jpg An international team affiliated with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has come down in favour of regulatory control of the neonicotinoids basec pesticides. 20 more words

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Brazilian Seed Treatment Market

Agribusiness represents 20% of the Brazilian GDP. One of the factors contributing to the continuing strength of Brazil in the growing global grain market is the rapid adoption of high value seeds. 444 more words

Ag/Specialty Pesticides

Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful and Your Pet Safe

According to Dr. Debra of PetPlace.com: “A quick stroll down the lawn and garden section of your local nursery presents a world of beautiful flowers and greenery to enhance your outdoor world. 143 more words

Animal Safety

VENTO Ultra (Lambda Cyhalothrin 4.9% CS)

Vento Ultra controls aphids, colorado beetles, and butterfly larvae. It is also used to control insects identified as potential disease vector, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, and files. 21 more words


NAVISTAR (Bifenthrin 10% EC)

RECOMMENDATION: It is used for the control of Bollworm and White-fly on cotton crop.