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Spray Guides are Now Available (better late than never)

2013 Quick Reference Spray Guides are now available for download. These are also available laminated by contacting me.

Corn — http://extension.missouri.edu/p/g7116

Cotton — http://extension.missouri.edu/p/g7117

Rice — … 20 more words


The controversial Heartworm

It’s my personal choice to give my dogs the most natural chemical free life possible and I do not treat for heartworm.

I do get some rollocking about my choice, but I know I’m not alone in this decision. 2,372 more words

YouTube Review #2 ( Enzyme Inhibitors)

Hello my biochem minions! It’s me Wendy and I’m back with my biochemaholic awesomeness that never seizes to blow your minds…just kidding (or not :p). So today I’ll be doing a YouTube video review on enzyme inhibition which is interlinked with the electron transport chain…killing two birds with one stone…how’s that for awesome? 493 more words

Local Crop Planting Systems Enhance Insecticide-Mediated Displacement of Two Invasive Leafminer Fly.

Gloss:  This article is about the use of insecticides in Southern China to defend against two invasive leafminer pests.  It contains information about experiments performed to see the efficiency of the insecticides and different methods of planting against these pests.   132 more words

Why are honeybees important?

Did you know that honeybees pollinate over 90 different crops or one third of all crops in the United States? They are essential to today’s agriculture business and without them it would suffer greatly. 289 more words


Reason to Bee Hopeful?

There is an article in the most recent Science section of the New York Times on efforts to fight the worrisome decline of bees. The focus is on increasing the availability of plants in agricultural areas that provide forage for pollinators. 500 more words


2014-15 Vegetable Crop Protection Guide Available Soon!

The Ontario Crop Protection Guides are revised on a bi-annual basis.  Many people ask “how much really changes from year-to-year?”  The answer is a lot! 214 more words