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Learning the Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

For the past eight years or so, we’ve been hearing the term “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD) to refer to the seemingly spontaneous abandonment of their hives by honeybees.

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New Canadian councilor wants to use DDT to fight outbreak

Matthew Green has decided to take a stand. He was recently elected to represent the 3rd Ward of Hamilton, Canada on the city’s council. According to… 205 more words

Increased Insecticide Use Protects Onions from Viral Infections

Iris Yellow Spot Virus (IYSV) was first discovered in the U.S.in 1989 infecting onions in the Treasure Valley of Idaho and Oregon. IYSV typically does not kill plants; however the virus reduces plant vigor and bulb size. 342 more words


Heading into winter!

Prior to the current cold temperatures blanketing the Midwest (USA), you were probably trying to get to your dormant season horticultural oil treatments for select insects and mites. 155 more words


Without Herbicides, Cranberry Beds Would Be Overwhelmed by Weeds and Growers Would Go Out of Business

The leaves of the cranberry plant form a dense mat over the surface. There are no paths through a cranberry bog. Weeds are particularly troublesome in cranberry bogs, since mechanical equipment (such as cultivators) cannot be used. 186 more words


No Kiwifruit Exports from New Zealand Without Insecticide Sprays

New Zealand accounts for 33% of the world’s trade in kiwifruit, exporting about US$450 million annually. Kiwifruit production in New Zealand is entirely oriented toward the export market. 283 more words


Pesticide ban on the table as state studies options to help bees

As Minnesota embarks on a study of a popular class of pesticides some studies have linked to bee deaths, the Agriculture Department says options under consideration will include banning the chemicals. 467 more words