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Rachel Carson's anti-pesticide hysteria

The controversy surrounding neonicotinoids is already resulting in the environmentalist groups and their allies in the media comparing pesticides to DDT. Back in 2012 when there were commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the publishing of Rachel Carson’s book… 98 more words

Greens fight for insect infestations in California

Eleven environmental groups are suing to block an alleged effort on the part of the California Department of Food and Agriculture to spray pesticides statewide. The groups contend that to do so violates the state’s Environmental Quality Act. 412 more words

IPM research results available in two new publications

Researchers from Virginia Tech and the University of Tennessee have new publications on insect and disease control based on 2014 research trials.

Virginia: Results of field trials conducted in 2014 to evaluate disease control strategies in field crops are summarized in a new publication. 67 more words


Bee Colony collapse is not, NOT caused by insecticides--it's viral

This research supports what I found when I did research on the Bee colony collapse problem a few years ago. There are viral problems discussed here that are increased by the way that bee colonies are kept and moved and such–bees are essential pollinators in some agricultural activities. 41 more words


EU pesticide ban helps insect infestations

In 2013 the European Union banned certain pesticides over concerns that they were killing bee populations. Thanks to the ban farmers have had to resort to older forms of pesticides that insets have built immunity to. 378 more words


Bee colonies are dying out rather rapidly all primarily due to toxic agricultural chemicals and monoculture agriculture. Here is a ted.com talk which gives the four primary reasons why bees are dying out. 161 more words

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