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As she cuts blood bleeds out of her as if she’s stabbed herself in the heart. She’s thinking cutting is the answer, that somehow if she cuts the insecurities and pains will go away. 309 more words

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Materializing Negative thoughts ? #atozchallenge

‘Dex’ has stopped believing in himself. He got too insecure and has started running away from responsibilities. The people around, stopped believing in him quite sometime back. 438 more words


The Early Twenties Club

Since I’ve been fulfilling one of this year’s resolutions to blog more frequently I have noticed more than just my writing style improving. I have noticed that I’m not alone in a lot of things, that I seem to belong to what I’m calling ‘the early twenties club’ a club that explores life and its many confusions and frustrations through the world of blogging and do you know what? 866 more words

About Me

Feelings ON/OFF-switch install failed

Being a BPD sufferer is bad enough. Having insecurities on top of all that? Well now that is just like sprinkling castor sugar on top of a double chocolate cake’s butter icing. 297 more words


sometimes I feel artless and small (a confession and a mantra)

                  It’s no surprise that even scientific research has shown that the more time we spend on social media, the more depressed we actually get. Everywhere you look on an online social media platform, what do you see? 765 more words

A New Frontier

Gosh, it’s been over 2 weeks since my last entry! I have been a little distracted of late, and busy too.

Over the last fortnight I’ve had a job interview in Bath for the same kind of role I’m in now. 429 more words



We as a species are naturally insecure. I’m sure that the cave-men gossiped about who’s cave was bigger and better, and who caught the biggest game for dinner. 1,189 more words