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What It Means To Be 'That Girl'

Maybe That Girl isn’t so crazy after all. When it comes to guys, she texts because she knows what she wants. She asks to be exclusive because she knows what she deserves. 77 more words

General Ramblings

Will I Ever Be Happy?

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be happy with myself. I worry all the time that if I can’t be happy with myself the no one can ever be happy with me and that just makes me paranoid. 19 more words

My Life's Journey

I Got You

He was tense and fidgety.  He had something to say but wasn’t ready to say it.  I approached him gingerly, armed with cliché.

“Penny for your thoughts?”  A phrase normally used to inquire as to someone’s state of mind; in saying it, I offered an invitation for him to unburden himself. 172 more words



After I met the kiddo first time, he asked me what I want. He understood – and he gave me arguments for that – I don’t believe in marriage, want a boyfriend or a one night stand. 219 more words

Casual Sex

Why do we gossip?

If someone was to ask me if I gossip, I would vehemently deny. After all, I despise this practice. Yet, to be perfectly honest, on occasion, mindlessly, I participate. 514 more words


Guys if you truly love her, let her know and treat her well. Then you will never have to worry about losing her.

Random Thoughts

The Confidence Issue: Part 1 " Loving the skin your in"

Ever felt like you were lacking confidence? Well I have felt like that several times. Growing up it wasn’t easy being a kid. I never felt loved, or pretty. 537 more words