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When I look into the mirror.

I see a broken girl.
A young girl who shouldn’t be this broken at her age.
I see a girl who should be living life to the fullest, not caring what others think, and so much more. 167 more words


Jealous Much? 1/29/2015

Jealous of anyone lately? Jealousy can be a good or bad emotion depending on the situation. Sometimes it can be used to fuel your drive or to get that promotion you have been lusting after. 296 more words

Old friend?

Last night I saw an old friend. She looked really good and I felt bad about myself. She lost a lot of weight. I’m not really sure if we were even friends. 826 more words


Probably not going to make it a year...

**Self harm is mentioned**May Trigger**

Hey everyone. It’s getting harder and harder. I have so many personal problems that I don’t talk about on here nobody would understand. 131 more words


A Complicated Confidence

Here I am in my twenties and I still find myself confronted by the language of the bullies that used to torment me in my younger years.   546 more words


Not So Much The Nice Guy

You know, I’m just asking God about niceness.

If you know me, you’d probably know well that I’m going to tell you the truth. And you’re probably not going to like it most of the time. 1,168 more words


Selfish Insecurity

Stay the hell away from me
I’m not good enough for you

But neither is she
So leave her alone too

Stay away,
Until I’m okay… 34 more words