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During a recent conversation about ManChild we learned that he has stagnated. Apparently this can happen to people with autism at a very young age, but also in their young adult years or when they reach retirement age. 329 more words


Balancing life with social media

Computers and internet are great inventions. Anything and everything can be answered with the click of a button. But there are tradeoffs. Nowadays, I can’t go anywhere without my phone. 440 more words

Mi Vida Loca

I Fucking Watched TFIOS

Just for the record, TFIOS = The Fault in Our Stars.

So, I just fucking watched TFIOS. Initial reaction,= life really is mean. I know it’s fiction but, okay, John Green is just mean for doing all these things to these terminally ill people. 517 more words


Annoying and obnoxious.

Friends with benefits.

I love that idea. I love the fragile security it proposes. But only if both sides understood. If one person got the wrong idea or misunderstood how ‘they’ work, then it would….suck. 304 more words


body dysmorphic disorder

When I am out in the public, I spend most of my time trying to make my mouth look less stuck out. It feels unnatural and uncomfortable, but I always do that because I think I look way better without my mouth sticking out like Simpsons does. 868 more words

Pretty Insecurities.

This is a blog I am struggling to write. I don’t want to come across as overly insecure, or vain. I want to talk about my strange female need to not want to find myself ugly. 1,662 more words


You're beautiful

Two amazing words. two words that every girl to hear.

Only I don’t. I always feel weird when I hear these words or something similar. 238 more words