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Bad Skin

Gosh, there’s nothing more irritating than having to deal with a huge pimple (or should I say pimples) on my face. I’m honestly so jealous of people who have perfect or nearly perfect skin. 311 more words


Deep seeded issues

Sometimes I feel that I am not being fair to myself.

I tend to condemn Jean from years ago – for all the mistakes she made, then be too harsh on present self and live a life being scared that history will repeat itself.  527 more words


Depression, Self hate, and Self harm. my story.

“I’m fine.” these words would often cross my lips on a daily basis. I was depressed, un happy and I hated myself. Every morning I would wake and have those few seconds before I remembered I was worthless, and sad and all the things in my life which triggered my unhappiness. 1,119 more words


Insecure lang ako

ako kasi yung taong puno ng insecurities sa buhay. Wala e. Mas maganda kasi siya kesa sakin. Mas matalino pa. Haays. Ang hirap ng ganito. 38 more words


That little voice.

Sometimes I really hate to be insecure. All these doubts about yourself.

I really hate that little voice in my head.


See Me From a Distance

Self Portrait

When you see me from a distance

I feel beautiful,

But when you are close to me

I am uncertain

For when you are near me… 27 more words


Character Study No. # 8

Sometimes the loudest roar hides the softest heart. Sometimes the world forces you to protect yourself, to toughen up and never show people vulnerability. But when you try to hide something, it is a human tendency to go to the other extreme. 175 more words