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Church Clothes... A Sunday Morning Saga

My church is beautiful. And, from the perspective of someone who went to a few HUGE churches in Texas in her time, rather small. I believe I’ve already told you how many fantastic people we have met at this church. 681 more words


The Start

English class is all about ideas, and interpretations. We are constantly asked to analyze and reflect on the works of others. We are asked to respond to writings on whether we agree or disagree, how the piece makes us feel, or how we can relate. 1,376 more words


Hiding Behind a Mask of Judgement

There is a profound truth about women that I recently discovered: fundamentally, all of us are insecure.

The definition of insecure is “not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.” Often, we subconsciously hide our insecurities behind a mask of judgement that project onto other women in a way that’s harmful and toxic. 467 more words

Everyday Enrichment

Insecurity Challenge: Day 15

You know how I’m kinda a drama queen?

Believe it or not, it used be way worse. Impossible? Oh no: possible.

Little Anna,  dragging her suitcase down the driveway, running away for the seventh time. 809 more words


petty yet powerful

Click. Facebook. Click. Instagram. Click. Youtube. Click. WordPress. Click. Click. Click.

‘What am I doing? I shouldn’t be stalking this girl…’ but I couldn’t seem to look away from the screen and with every click of my mouse I shrink deeper into the hole; a hole that I’ve dug with my own insecurity, anxiety and self-consciousness. 335 more words


“How did You know that I’m all alone today?
Oh, I feel so scared and I wanna go away.
I bleed so deep underneath, my soul is screaming. 499 more words


The End of Writing (before I start again)

I wrote a book and I like it. It’s a book I want to read. Which I guess is why I wrote it? And yet here, on the cusp of publishing, I’m paralyzed with insecurity. 309 more words

Ain't Nothin' Much