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Insomnia plague

Tonight as I sit in my bed and wonder at how the world works, what the future might hold, and why me… I eventually flutter to a stop on an idea.. 333 more words


Breathing New Life Into…Timing

If she could see the look in my eye,

She’d have a better understanding of how I feel inside,

Maybe even realize I’m the right guy, 61 more words


I Die a Little Bit Each Day

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has ordered mandatory activation of Civil Disturbance Units Sunday + Monday for "possible demonstrations".

— Paul Wagner (@Fox5Wagner) November 20, 2014…

996 more words

The Struggle with Self-Worth

Tuesday morning I got an email from one of the grad schools to which I applied asking me if I would be willing to do a phone interview. 588 more words


Am I Fit?

Im not really sure why but lately I have just been having these questions circling in my head… “Am I Fit for this?” ” Am I on the right track?” 480 more words

My Thoughts

Race, change & forgiveness

Yesterday I went to do some early Christmas shopping while the girls were at school; but as I was leaving, I had an unpleasant encounter. And it as all about race, & entirely blind-sided me. 393 more words

Over thinkers, seize the day.

Thinking comes naturally to you, while over-thinking comes naturally to us. Listing some pros of over thinking. 

1. Thoughtfulness is our a middle name. We are the knights in shinning armor of kindness -okay maybe that’s not entirely true. 421 more words