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Insecurity, Be Gone

I think we all have blocks between us and the best version of ourselves, whether it’s shyness, insecurity, anxiety, whether it’s a physical block, and the story of a person overcoming that block to their best self. 728 more words

Unstable as water

My wife and I once took a whale watch cruise from a little town in Massachusetts. To find the whales we had to go out on the Atlantic until even the skyline of Boston disappeared from view. 417 more words

Faith And Life

To My Babysitter

I said I’d like to read the New Testament
and you handed me a copy of Elle, said
“Baby, this is the only Gospel you need” 23 more words


Worthless Treasure

I love people. More than that, one of my favorite things to do as a leader is discover and develop the potential in a persons life.  370 more words


Being honest about work struggles. Gulp.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” 1,236 more words



Insecurity! sounds familiar?

NO! you are clearly in denial

did u just say YES!

join the club.

hey you are so chubby! fatty, fatty

why is your teeth weird? 224 more words


I'm different, yea I'm different. Peace sign up to the competition~

I’m not like the girls I see at school. Whether they took zero effort to get ready or too much effort, they look like every other girl at that university. 427 more words