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We’ve been apart longer now than we have left to be apart. The halfway mark proving to be both a comfort and a stressor.

I want to see you, to smell you, to curl up in the hollow bit of your shoulder that seems made for my resting head. 357 more words

Bad Ass Lenin, Even with Mittens

When I see this picture, I see a bad ass Lenin. He is going to fuck you up. Or he is simply too fabulous for you! 123 more words

You Is Kind ...

In Kathryn Stockett’s book entitled, “The Help”,  Abilene, an African American maid tells Mae Mobley, the little daughter of her white employer - “You is kind, you is smart, you is important”. 707 more words


Boko Haram will not defeat us – Shettima

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State said on Tuesday that the Boko Haram insurgents would not emerge victorious in their continued killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians. 174 more words

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Love or friendship

Which would you choose if you had a choice – i would definitely opt for friendship because even if love walks out of the door, friends are there right beside you..I have studied in an all girls school for most of my life and pre-university was also of the same environment..Have seen so many girls fall for the same guys and then fighting with their best friends, walk out on years of friendship for a guy and get dumped a week or month later and come back crying to the same girly group…Strange to see that one could actually forget the years of pain,sorrow and joys that they went through together just because they met someone who they thought was potential date material… 271 more words


Who is Woman As Art?

The answer of course is – every woman.

I had a conversation with a friend today. In fact it was someone who’s wedding I photographed a good while ago. 151 more words

Insecurity: lack of confidence or assurance; a state of mind characterized by
self-doubt and vulnerability

Do you know what I miss?  The days when I was a child.  676 more words