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I find circumstances ripe to inform my akada and Nigerians of the offences or legal loops Department Of State Services ~DSS/ SSS exploited to infringe on my liberty. 707 more words



I’ve always been told to love myself, to accept who I am, and to have self respect. In fact, almost all of us have. I decided to reject the idea. 589 more words


He postponed his flight

So I’ve taken a while to give you an update on the poker player I’ve had such a fantastic first date with. In a way I was hoping to write something conclusive. 1,480 more words


The battle

What if the skies and stars are for show
And our minds paint these pictures of happiness just to cope,
What if love is just a mystical form of hope… 655 more words


Be happy.

I’ve been through a lot of things in my life- who hasn’t? Each of these experiences, good or bad, have changed me in some way or another. 230 more words

I'm Back (... and I've Missed You All!)

Happy Holidays, friends! I know I have been the worst lately – no life updates at all. I’ve logged in here a couple of times in the past few weeks to write, but nothing seemed urgent or important enough to put on paper. 1,173 more words


I’ve got a bigger nose than the next person, I don’t like that my lips don’t get as thin as other people’s whenever I smile, and wearing my hair naturally takes a week or more of built up courage. 283 more words