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Urgent: save those emails

Do we need to preserve Vice-Chancellors’ emails?

A diverting essay in Inside Higher Ed has a call for the preservation of presidential email:

…boards of trustees should act – with a sense of urgency.

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Can professors work 9 to 5? (Clean up the coffee you just spit out.)

Compared to most folks, we work weird jobs. Now, that’s true for lots of reasons, but one of them is the bizarre relationship we have with time. 1,814 more words

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Here Come the Data Scientists

By Joshua Kim

A few days after the Hewlett sponsored gathering Learning with MOOCs wrapped, one word keeps buzzing through my brain: and that word is data. 338 more words

MOOCs In The News

Technology Can Help Save the Liberal Arts

By Gunnar Counselman

A rash of articles proclaiming the death of the humanities has been dominating the higher education press for the last couple years. Whether it’s… 886 more words

8 Myths About MOOCs

By Joshua Kim

This week I’m in Cambridge for a Hewlett Foundation sponsored invited participant workshop on Learning With MOOCs. The timing of the gathering is good, as colleagues at my institution are working hard on developing our… 303 more words

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When MOOCs Are Better Than College Classes

By Jonathan Haber

Missing in the fiery debate over whether Massive Open Online Courses are as good or far worse than traditional residential classes is a heretical discovery I made last year: that in some cases MOOCs can actually be… 357 more words

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No Apologies

By Jeffrey Pomerantz

Much to the consternation of my wife, I’m not a big fan of apologies. I’m not interested in hearing public figures apologize. And I don’t generally want people to apologize to me: if you’ve done me wrong, well, just don’t do it again. 328 more words

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