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MOOC Research Learning Curves

By Marshall Thomas

MOOCs are at an interesting phase in their evolution. With MOOC mania subsiding somewhat, the field is coalescing around aspirational goals to make MOOCs more engaging, interactive, personalized, and sustainable. 467 more words

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Next Generation Online Learning

By Steven Mintz

“Online education” takes many different forms.  It can be synchronous or asynchronous, self-paced or scheduled, video- or activity-based, free or for-fee, modularized or unchunked, and instructor- or learner-centered. 378 more words

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Are MOOCs Working for Us?

By Kristen Eshleman

This post is the first in a four-part series on MOOC research at Davidson College. We begin with the rationale for our research design and will follow with posts about our planning process, implementation and results. 315 more words

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College Tells Faculty Members Not To Talk To Student Journalists About Ongoing Labor Dispute

PENSACOLA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Pensacola State College administrators told faculty members that they are violating state law by speaking with student journalists about an ongoing labor dispute. 776 more words


Spurring Innovation in Healthcare Using MOOCS

By Kevin A. Schulman, Margo Selzter and Regina E. Herzlinger

A computer scientist, doctor, and business professor all walked into a MOOC…

Well, not exactly, but it is not far off from the HarvardX MOOC on healthcare innovation organized by Regina Herzlinger of Harvard Business School and featuring domain experts such as Dr. 332 more words

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Talk MOOC to Me

By Jackie Vetrano

(This blog post stemmed from a presentation called “Talk MOOC to Me,” given at the Higher Education Web Professionals Annual conference.)

Four ladies, 45 minutes. 337 more words

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Impacts of MOOCs on Higher Education

By Allison Dulin Salisbury

An international group of higher education institutions—including UT Arlington, Stanford University, Hong Kong University and Davidson College—convened by learning researcher and theorist George Siemens gathered last week to explore the impacts of MOOCs on higher education (full list of participating institutions below). 250 more words

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