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Multitasking is for suckers... Monotask!

I stink at grading. There. I said it.

It’s not that I provide inadequate feedback. While I sometimes err on the side of too much, I think I do formative assessment pretty well (now, if they’d only read my comments…). 1,048 more words

Productivity Tips And Resources

The Personal Touch

Two recent news items argue that how professors teach matters more than what they teach. First, the New York Times has profiled ten wildly popular courses at different universities around the USA, including one on cultural anthropology where students participate in an… 94 more words

Chad Raymond

Apprenticeship as Degree Path

Workplace learning is a critical component of the CU curriculum. We’re excited to see that other colleges value apprenticeships in the same way. Check it out!


Best outcomes for interdisciplinary goals: Double-down on silos?

I teach and research in Communication Studies, which has been described both as an academic discipline and an interdisciplinary field. Even those who insist on the “discipline” label as a matter of scholarly identity will admit that the discipline is internally quite “interdisciplinary”: there are not only numerous and diverse sub-fields (e.g., relational/interpersonal, organizational, rhetoric and public address, mass communication, cultural media studies, etc.), but numerous and diverse approaches to study (e.g., close textual analysis, qualitative ethnography, quantitative content and audience analyses, experimental design, etc.). 1,596 more words


A stimulating new degree course

A Degree in Coffee?

Inside Higher Ed has an entertaining piece on the advent of a new degree in the critical area of coffee:

Many students and faculty members consider coffee to be essential to their daily existence.

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Hillary on Higher Ed

One of the topics Hillary Clinton discussed at the Globalization of Higher Education Conference is the social value of all types of education. Regardless of vocation, she recognizes the importance of all job types, and the skills and training required to be successful. 9 more words


Grad Student Debt Rising

March 25, 2014; Michael Stratford
Published at Inside Higher Ed


The amount of debt that graduate and professional students are incurring to pay for their education has surged over the past several years, according to a New American Foundation report… 89 more words