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Museum Insiders Behind Massive $250M Turkish Art Heist (Hyperallegic)

by Laura C. Mallonee on November 12, 2014 original article here.

Corruption is on the rise in Turkey, and the State Art and Sculpture Museum in Ankara is no exception. 375 more words


Mentor to Entrepreneurs, Mark Sephton, Talks About His New Book 'Inside Job'

Can you tell me about your new book Inside Job?

Inside Job is built on your capability to work on the way you think, act and behave. 885 more words


War of Terror in Ottawa for the Truth


With the events of October 22nd 2014 in Ottawa, Canada slowly fading away from the collective memory of the masses it’s important to stay open to research. 472 more words

Russland stationiert atomwaffenfähige Iskander-Kurzstreckenraketen an ukrainischer Grenze

Wie Dmitro Tymtschuk von der Gruppe „Informationswiderstand“ auf seinem Facebook-Profil meldet, hat Russland 6 atomwaffenfähige Boden-Boden-Kurzstreckenraketen des Typs „Iskander“ an die ukrainische Grenze verlegt. Über Krasnodon trifft weiter Artillerie ein. 224 more words


Israel says what?

Is there some ambiguity here that I’m unaware of? This appears to be both an unconcealed threat and an admission of guilt. The message will be construed as ‘we did it before and can do it again.’ I’ve never held much truck with those who put the blame for 9/11 completely at the feet of Israel. 24 more words


9/11 this is why I believe it was an inside job

When you look at how WTC 7 came down, it was a controlled explosion.  Listen to these engineers and structural engineers on the video

WTC1 and WTC2 both collapsed in the same manner after a plane hit each building. 27 more words


The Unknown

We’re all living in the unknown. This hit me like a ton of bricks recently.

We make lists and plans to be organised and get things done but at the core of it all we’re just trying to stave off the fear we have about the unknown. 162 more words

Inside Job