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The Story

You see people everywhere rushing to work, to school and everywhere in between. There are smiles, sighs, frowns and groans. Everyone is rushing to get somewhere. 177 more words

Inside Job


As I sit here in this coffee shop, sipping on a delish hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles on top (don’t judge), I think about how the past year has changed for me. 324 more words

Inside Job

Deliberate Infection? 101st Airborne Won’t Get Full Protective Hazmat Suits for #Ebola Mission in West Africa

The 101st Airborne was sent into the Ebola infested hot zones of West Africa.  Their mission is to build housing and medical facilities for the fight against Ebola.   153 more words


Dark Night of the Soul

Have you noticed of late the influx of happy, positive, let’s live a happy life and life is amazing messages we’ve all been receiving?

I know I’ve written about it on this blog and will continue to write about it because I believe that it is important. 352 more words

Inside Job

Inside Job

The idea that the solution to inner pain somehow lies outside of us is a persistent illusion. Sometimes we are willing to follow this false hope, that someone or something will rescue us from ourselves, into oblivion. 576 more words


'Adequate Housing' - a Privilege in the United States?

Last week, in one of my classes, we watched Inside Job, a movie about the development of the financial crisis and its aftermath. So as the documentary goes along, the crisis slowly unraveled and in order to show the influence of the financial crisis on the average American citizen, the movie featured a scene showing “tent cities” in the US in generally and especially in Florida. 503 more words

Human Rights


Cool slips of reddened leaves

fly—an eagle—past


Here you become the nothing

sky is,

whispering past hearing

into the silence,

capturing pieces of memory… 113 more words