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The 2008 Financial Crisis Will Happen Again (Probably In The 2020s)

Forty reasons:

  • Risk-taking alpha males.
  • Coke using.
  • Hookers.
  • Nihilism.
  • Amorality.
  • The rich will turn their backs on society.
  • Emotional blackmail: “You need us! Without us the economy will crash!”
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Haven’t looked at my phone in the past 48 hours. Last time I had it I deleted Whatsapp and threw it in my laundry basket. 360 more words

The Boston Marathon Bombings | Destroying the official government-mainstream media narrative

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Aaron Hawkins: Boston Bombing: What You Aren’t Being Told http://stormcloudsgathering.com/boston-bombing-what-you-arent-being-told

James Corbett: Who is Graham Fuller? 564 more words

ReThink 9/11 Canadian Tour 2014

March 20th 2014 Richard Gage the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth stopped in Toronto at about the mid-point of the ReThink911 Canadian Tour… 207 more words

911 information becoming more abundant with each passing year, Here are the highlights! Thanks to all these bloggers and investigators !!!

Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World

A lifetime of great work by MR. Bollyn:

Bollyn’s 9-11 research and writing here :   http://www.bollyn.com/solving-9-11-the-book

Architects and Engineers for 911 truth ;    http://www.ae911truth.org/en/home.html… 72 more words

Unfreedom Tower parachute jump for 9/11 truth – amazing video!... By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

In an apparent protest against the Orwellian police state unleashed by the 9/11 inside job, four patriotic paratroopers decided to “chute Larry Silverstein” – by jumping off the top of the Unfreedom Tower. 276 more words

Vote for Creepy Clones

Normally, I’m a very positive and upbeat person. Shut up! I am! But I can understand why people would assume otherwise. After all, virtually every post I write does nothing but throw shit at TV shows that I’m not even the target audience of. 2,100 more words