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Just something quick....

I just wanted to give a quick little heads up about some changes that are coming.

I got my own domain and hosting now, so there will be some movement although to what extent I am still working on. 53 more words

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My Quarter Life Crisis

minus the pharmaceutical usage bahaha

Like I said before, I know “nothing ruins your 20s more than the feeling that you should have your life together” buttt I’m no where close to where I thought I’d be. 389 more words

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Jodi's World

Sooooo bloggig is a lot of work haha

I finally got a job. However, its just a job. I rant out of money and got a job, as a cashier, at this high end store, Tootsies in north Dallas. 295 more words

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Life in plastic, its Fantastic!

Long story short, Moschino blew me away with their Barbie themed line this year! amaze balls! So much perfection! haha I have no words! haha

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Curves and Crop tops or Third Posts A Charm

I love a good sale, and over this year have really got into Forever 21 so when I saw a crop top in the plus section sale I thought ‘ 162 more words

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Just some thoughts and well wishes

I want to commit to making this something….and while I may not entirely know what, I can at least work on the commitment part of it, haha. 348 more words

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Why I Love Autumn or Second post = Jumping on the Bandwagon

I Have seen a fair amount of these posts lately, so here is me jumping on the bandwagon.

7(ish) Reasons Why I Love Autumn

1) It gets colder… But not too cold! 500 more words

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