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Just some thoughts and well wishes

I want to commit to making this something….and while I may not entirely know what, I can at least work on the commitment part of it, haha. 348 more words

Inside My Mind

Why I Love Autumn or Second post = Jumping on the Bandwagon

I Have seen a fair amount of these posts lately, so here is me jumping on the bandwagon.

7(ish) Reasons Why I Love Autumn

1) It gets colder… But not too cold! 500 more words


The new digs....


This is the first glimpse into my mind, but is far from the last. There are things I need to say, to share, to put out in the world and I can’t… 94 more words

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All the feels

Cried out all the emotion in my body after this scene. Skin is now akin to a dried corn husk. Sexy. 12 more words

Inside My Mind

A new fave!

Hugging Lola and the Boy Next Door which is a new favorite book!

Inside My Mind

I think this is piss

When you’re the only one in the room who actually sees what’s going on.