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I think this is piss

When you’re the only one in the room who actually sees what’s going on. 



How Red Bull Changed My Life

A lot of people, especially my age, are all talk. Everyone has big dreams but almost no one has a plan to make it all happen.I have been one of those people. 914 more words

Inside My Mind

The Interview.....dun! dun! dunnn!!!

So I have been applying like crazy to a handful of places, mostly corporate places. I have been applying for months now and still haven’t even gotten a phone call. 652 more words

Inside My Mind


Sorry I have been really slacking on posting on here!

True Life: Netflix has taken over my life

I feel like I’m stuck haha Like I had this whole routine going: wake up, read some articles, check social media, write a post on the blog, apply to jobs, read more fashion stuff. 43 more words

Inside My Mind

the hunt

i have been so incredibly blessed in my life so far. i have had parents that can provide for me and help me achieve my dreams in the easiest environment possible. 406 more words


20140709那句 對不起

曾經努力放下 努力遺忘
欠你的 始終沒說出口

Inside My Mind.