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Inside the Actor's Studio

James Lipton always asks his guests the same 10 question. I’m not an actor (or a guest of his show for that matter) but I would like to try my hand at his questions: 116 more words


Strength and Honor: Happy Birthday, Russell Crowe!

“I don’t like the idea of going to the office. I’m a fucking gypsy, man, and I come from a long line of gypsies, and some great tradition of gypsies who tell stories.

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Les Miserables: Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel Burst Into Song

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel could get jobs on Broadway!

The series finale of their show, “How I Met Your Mother” is set for March 31. 26 more words


'HIMYM' cast answers the famous 'Inside the Actors Studio' questionnaire -- VIDEO

The cast of How I Met Your Mother is doing a lot of reminiscing leading up to Monday’s series finale. Some of it involves tears, but there is plenty of laughter, too. 136 more words


Get in the Know: HIMYM Meets Les Miserables (Again) and all the Boston News You Need to Know

The Best Question Asked from an Audience Member: During the appearance of “How I Met You Mother” on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” an aspiring actor asked Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel to… 151 more words

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Confrontation from Les Miserables How I Met Your Mother Style!

There is no introduction needed. If you like Les Miserables and How I Met Your Mother, this is the GREATEST MASH-UP EVER!


Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Take Back 'Les Misérables' From Russell Crowe

Years before Tammy II and Ron Swanson made “love” mean something again, Megan Mullally had her own talk show. It was TERRIBLE. She was stuck in full-Karen Walker mode, meaning there was a lot of screeching. 108 more words