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New Al Qaeda in the Subcontinent Threat Against U.S. Navy (Updated)

Here is a new threat issued by al Qaeda to the U.S. Navy. First published by Vicente Marquez on Scribd. Analysis to follow shortly.

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Emerging Risk: The Converging World of Cyber and Physical Threats to Business and Security

I’ve been busy this week preparing for a presentation I will give at a conference in Park City, Utah next week sponsored by Critical Intel – a firm that specializes in intelligence analysis for critical infrastructure – specifically – the electric and power sector.   789 more words

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Keys to Fighting Insider Fraud

Even after the high-profile Edward Snowden leaks of information from the National Security Agency, most organizations still aren’t taking insider threats as seriously as they should be, says Michael Theis, a chief counterintelligence expert at Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Insider Threat Center. 75 more words

Insider Threat

Officials worry about 'cyber Fort Hood'

The most dangerous cybersecurity threat facing U.S. military and intelligence agencies might not be another Edward Snowden aiming to steal secrets, but rather a rogue IT administrator bent on destruction of critical infrastructure, a senior Intelligence official told POLITICO. 90 more words

Insider Threat

Diary Of An InfoSec Kid - Mobile Device Security

Security isn’t rocket science, but we can make it sound that way. Here’s what happened when my daughter got given a secret diary and began to work out the security implications. 889 more words


Top 5 Threats to U.S. National Security in 2014

The U.S. military, intelligence services, FBI and numerous other organizations exist to protect national security in America. Countless budget dollars every year are poured into this endeavor and it is the one thing that is truly a non-partisan issue in Washington. 1,083 more words

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People Hacking & Playtime - For The Analogies Project

My latest piece for The Analogies Project – using real life and stories to demystify InfoSec. An excerpt: 

“Bike helmets, warnings about strangers, weather forecasts and traffic lights don’t guarantee your kid’s safety.  75 more words