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Let's Take A Quiz!

A few days ago, out of boredom I have decided to waste my energy to something absolutely productive – play quiz games on the internet. 391 more words


Importance of Alignment

While going through my readings, I remembered how my classmates in college think about our final exams. They would either say that the exam was very easy or very hard. 162 more words

And Realizations

SMB and Social Business

It’s time to face the facts: gone are the days when businesses stood to turn a profit simply by existing. Online and social marketing have become essential components to running a successful business, and, for small businesses especially, a strong social presence is critical to connecting with customers and effectively creating awareness of your product or service. 351 more words

Mithun Sridharan

Looking for growth? Try consciously connecting to wider systems

Today’s marks the transition to Fall. Unlike the ancients, the equinox remains largely unnoticed and without much celebration in the northwestern hemisphere. It’s just another day that few of us will notice connects visibly to larger connected changes in our environment. 511 more words

Decision Making

Forging meaning out of moments

You string moments together and forge meaning out of them

that laugh they share when all their hearts are aching,

the knowing glance he throws that blatantly says, “You know and I know you know,” 162 more words


Pebble of thought

I can’t live life without books. Some may say reading is the end of your social life. In truth, it is the beginning. You learn thing about people through books that are probably not met by the eyes. 85 more words

The Power of a Yes and a No

Sometimes we tend to be “Yes!” people. We say yes to every opportunity, every circumstance, and every challenge. This may seem like a desirable thing. But in actuality, it’s not. 408 more words