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What are your programmed perceptions?

Let’s apply yesterday’s article to understand the behavior in one’s life. Consider that you were a 5-year-old child throwing a tantrum in Walmart over your desire to have a particular toy. 208 more words

Fear vs Love

Fight with all you have to overcome fear.
Yes, you have been rejected but it was only to make room for better in your life. 222 more words



fuck proper capitalization or correct grammar or appropriate punctuation

tonight i just wanna release all these feelings that were kept bottled up for too long i just wanna rest i just wanna mute all these voices all these noises i can not i am so confused i am fine but i am not i am supposed to be okay i am strong i need to be these are all just petty reasons to not be okay so i should still be okay i am functional i am functional i am functional i breathe but i still gasp for air my friends have it worse i must do better i must handle this well because people trust me that i could but tonight let me break down into pieces that i would eventually pick up and put together yes i will put my pieces back together because it is the way things were made to be i will be fine i will be better i will be okay and the end of all these would be a much better place for me just a bad month not a bad life… 195 more words


By the Numbers: A Simple Guide To Analytics

Big Data. It’s the new thing. Alright, it’s not so new. But it’s the thing. Even “small data” would seem to be useful. So why are… 454 more words


Lost and found

It has been an emotionally intense week for me. Reuniting with a long-lost cousin. Going for a funeral wake. And preparing for the upcoming Christmas season. 536 more words

Personal Growth

The Regrets of Today

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Joy, laughter, warmth, and lots of cheer. For the most part, those are the feelings associated with the closing of the year. 653 more words



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It is a concept so familiar to us yet so foreign. We’ve grown up our whole lives being taught to have an awareness of it. 467 more words