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I am not fond of reading novels. I do feel sleepy whenever I read one. But, I guess I found the exemption. Okay, Before I say what book was it. 195 more words



Four corners
Eye glasses
Books and Pens everywhere
Sort of students
Random thoughts
Together with the lecturer
One writes
Other talks
And some chose to listen…

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Marketing Surveys - Don't Forget The Design

Just think about it. You go to a classy restaurant and order your 5-course menu. How do you expect to be served? In sequence with one course following the other, or all food piled on your platter as a shapeless clump? 704 more words

Mithun Sridharan

The Death of Free WiFi in Manila (aka My Go-To Spot for Free WiFi in Manila)

Today, I went in search of free WiFi and a cool (temperature-wise) place to chill. The closest commercial complex to me goes by a number of names: Unimart, Greenhills Shopping Center, Shoppesville, Virra Mall, and its latest incarnation– the Promenade. 461 more words

Halfway - Reflections From a Birthday Girl

I’ve reached an imagined halfway point – halfway between birth and death.  Research tells me that barring fatal accident or illness I could live to 90 years old, which sounds like a long time but it’s tricky to resist the ‘getting old’ mentality when wrinkles and joint aches pile up. 500 more words

Just Life