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Praying for Your Community

The beauty of prayer! As we focused on bringing everything to God in prayer, we haven’t touched on praying for our community, which essentially can mean praying for our family and friends but can extend to acquaintances and other people we know. 201 more words


Everything (Sacrifices)

So, I’ve been doing a really bad job of keeping the Daily Jorge… well, Daily.

I’m sorry I missed yesterday. Seriously, I’m starting to hate my internet situation. 255 more words


Relief of Insignificance

Give me salt water.
Beams rely on my stature.
Make me feel smaller.

April Daily Haiku Challenge – Day 8

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The Humble Canadian Takes On Wall Street

Michael Lewis, “The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street” (NYT Magazine, April 6, 2014)

I hadn’t really planned on spending any more time on Brad Katsuyama, but then the… 1,066 more words


Comfort Zones

I feel like everyone knows this already, but to properly grow and learn, you must be forced out of your comfort zone.  It makes your brain fire, reaching for more.  436 more words


The importance of our insignificant existence.

Today is the first relatively warm day in Boston. Spring is making a timid approach, highly awaited by all of us. Soon, trees will be full of luscious leaves, the small buds will yield beautiful flowers, the grass will turn green again. 383 more words


Using What You Have, Doing All You Can

What are you lacking? In what ways do you feel insignificant and unusable? To whom do you compare yourself and say, “If only I had what they had,” or “If only I could be more like them I could do so much more.” We have all done this. 664 more words

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