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The Dire Consequences of an iPhone Alarm

The past few weekday mornings I’ve been cuddling with my phone. ┬áNot because I feel any special affection for my phone (although, I must admit, it’s quite an amazing piece of technology), but more so because I’ve been riddled with guilt. 390 more words


Anxiety, Insomnia, That YOU guys helped resolve tonight!

This is kind of funny to me so I want to share it. I actually tried to go to bed “early” tonight. But as I lay there, I became more and more anxious on some topic and finally decided I would blog about it so it would stop playing out in my head. 230 more words


Let them eat cake (or sleep...sleep works too)

It’s 1:30 am…Do you know where your kids are? 1 of mine is sleeping like an angel… The other is beating the wall and giggling… My husband is sleeping. 321 more words

Day In The Life


Rest your hand on my heart.

Nurse me back to life with your smile, when I can’t breathe.
Love me until I’m at peace.
You’re the cure to this violent insomnia. 64 more words

Stephen Quammie

Embracing insomnia

Another day of looking like a raccoon.

Insomnia sneaked in again last night, despite my begging the sandman for slumber. I’m on Sandman’s shit list, apparently. 207 more words

Sleep. So far away.

I just want to stop thinking, stop shaking, stop feeling. I just want to sleep. Why is it so difficult?



After a pretty slow work week, I was so happy to be off today. I generally work 35-40 hours at my job as well as being a full time student. 817 more words

Animal Rights