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A success, a failure, and a fear ahead

Happy Easter!

A success :

I don’t sleep. The very reason for the absurd time I even created my first post (somewhere around 4am in my own time zone) was that I do not sleep. 868 more words


Third Time's a Charm, or a rouse?

The last three nights this darkness has overcome every inch of my being. I feel as if I’m stuck in dense fog, that I cannot outrun. 328 more words


DEADHEAD sticker on a Cadillac/Still a better love story than Twilight


Not sure how to start this post, since I’ve now put it off for a whole four freaking months. I am however fairly certain about why I decided not to abandon this blog, and why i’m starting this process of dis-abandonment at three in the morning. 839 more words


Welcome Brutus!

I did it! I went back to Home Goods, and I bought the flamingo! His name is Brutus and he was a bargain at $39.99. He is pictured above in the driver’s seat of my car. 704 more words

Autoimmune Life


I hate this girl. I don’t hate her like childhood trauma hate her, I hate her like the media says women hate women. I hate her in the way that Real Housewives hate each other, with too shiny smiles stacked right above hundred dollar claws. 202 more words

A Boat Called Insomnia

“But Pooh couldn’t sleep. The more he tried to sleep the more he couldn’t. He tried counting Sheep, which is sometimes a good way of getting to sleep, and, as that was no good, he tried counting Heffalumps.

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Manifestation of Moloch

I sense you Moloch; stirring hurricanes of piercing winds and scorching fire,

watching me from the deepest darkest depths of abyss that you call heart. 357 more words

Dance Moloch