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Anatomy of a Medical App Part 2: MobileSleepDoc V2.0--Can a Mobile App Deliver Personalized Medicine?

No one expects an app to take the place of an actual doctor’s visit, but could we design one that asked some of the same questions a doctor would, and then guide a user down a diagnostic and treatment path? 1,108 more words


I remember as a newlywed that we had a clock that used to flip over numbers as the minutes went by.  I laid awake so many nights watching those numbers flip, full of tears, anger, confusion, and pain. 670 more words

Covert Abuse

Sleepless in Sheffield

“I’m a woman of a certain age and I love an open window!”

These are the words that, these days, greet bemused colleagues and kick off any meeting I’m ever in - usually accompanied by an unseemly dive for the chair nearest said window. 327 more words


The only one awake.

I’ve been up since 2am. It’s now 9am. I sent Nick off to work and everyone else is sleeping in. So I decided to make a doggie post. 199 more words

Putting it off.

Yesterday did not fully go as planned. Like I’ve mentioned, I went into the day very weak and in a ton of pain. I’ve been having a difficult time with my IH this week. 619 more words

Insomnia Leaches

Invisible leaches

insomnia reaches

it’s tentacles deeply

inside of my mind.


I’m doggedly hounded

by canines surrounded

and deeply astounded

that I’m not all blind… 83 more words