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Sleeper Awake

Its 348am and I can’t sleep because of this ridiculous insomnia again. I was so tired and I didn’t nap today so I would sleep well tonight but I’ve been lying here for four hours crying and thinking and worrying and regretting things and remembering old conversations and trying to work out what they mean and my brain won’t shut up. 217 more words


The churning mind of a creative person

Are you a #creative type? #Artist #writer #musician? Then you probably know how I feel right now.
It is currently 3:20 in the morning where I’m at. 172 more words

Every Home Has Been An Entirely New Life

Let’s sing a song…”It’s four in the morning! It’s four in the morning! It’s four in the moooooooooooOoooooOrning, and I! Am! Wide! Awake!”

Thank you. That was very nice singing, class. 565 more words

The Ghost

Alone. ¬†It’s a powerful word…but yet it is so relevant to my day today. ¬†According to Miriam Webster, the word has power:


  1. : without anyone or anything else : not involving or including anyone or anything else : separate from other people or things…
  2. 457 more words

What Girls Do When They Stress

I’m not sleeping,

I’ve had a few problems

I think about them too long.

It’s making me crazy

It’s 3 am.

And then Cherry Bomb comes on. 82 more words


Seconds drag into minutes and hours
I stare as shadows climb the walls
Damned by a strange elusive power
Great Morpheus ignores my call
Still I stubbornly seek for…SLEEP!


Nature keeps me sane, life and obstacles

Wow what a week this is turning out to be. Went to Camhs yesterday emergency appointment for my fifteen year old. Not aloud to school, just rest and monitored eating. 203 more words