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TV Detective World Series Result - Frost Vs Gadget

Here at The Murder Mystery Company we’ve been gripped by possibly the most important tournament in living memory.┬áThe most recent bout in the first round of the… 132 more words

TV Detective World Series

How Old Would Cartoon Characters Be Today?

It’s hard to believe that Spongebob Squarepants would be 28 years old, but it’s true. Thanks to BuzzFeed for bringing this to life last year, but damn, some of my childhood favorites are getting really old. 35 more words


My Not-a-Date with Inspector Gadget [Part 2]

It was not a big enough hint, because Inspector Gadget texted me the next day. Could we have dinner?
“Dinner doesn’t end up working for me because of my job.” Could we grab a drink somewhere and hang out? 825 more words


Go Go Gadgets of the Future

Inspector Gadget, a bumbling detective in a cartoon series, solves his mystery cases making foolish, yet funny, mistakes. Mr. Gadget has a niece, Penny. This clever ten year old girl is always getting her uncle Gadget out of trouble. 148 more words

The Writer's Nook

Puppy Love - the first adventure!

As promised, the first installment of my trip down my hall of failure – or rather, my previous misadventures with the opposite sex to try to figure where I went wrong. 1,510 more words

Transforming Animation: 5 of the Best Cartoon to Film Remakes

Animations are all the rage at the moment. The Oscar winning Frozen has raised the bar big time by taking story and visual effects to a whole new level. 512 more words


Reel Talk Episode 35: Pet Peeves

YEAH! A surprising amount of Pacific Rim talk this week, which allows me to tie this episode to this headbanging track.

This week we bring you another favourite’s favourites, except the opposite, cos we’re talking Pet Peeves! 88 more words

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