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Chemophobia (A Fear of Chemicals)

Chemophobia (A Fear of Chemicals)

“So far, 35 people around the country have died from e-coli contamination of broccoli. All supplies of the contaminated broccoli have been traced to growers in Bakersfield and the state government is working with the growers to work out a system of compensation for the destruction of the current crop. 4,815 more words


Todos conocemos al peculiar Inspector Gadget, el que vendría a ser una especie de Inspector Closeau mezclado con Robocop. La serie, coproducción francocanadienseestadounidensejaponesa se emitió entre 1983 y 1986, pero no llegó a nuestras teles hasta 1984. 343 more words


Prime Suspect

I have recently started watching Prime Suspect with my Dad. Prime Suspect is a British procedural crime drama that premiered on ITV in 1991. The show lasted seven series – though it did not follow the basic 22-episode annual pattern that is common in American shows. 813 more words


Recycled Inspector - AppleOne - Oakland

Job Description:

Responsible, clean driving record and strong personality will be keys to success in this stable organization. Will be responsible for inspecting recycled materials and driving for a Waste Management company. 16 more words

East Bay

PT. Arkon Prima Indonesia

Hello folks! What’s up?

Let me show you what I’ve done at my working hours. It’s tiring and also sometimes frustrating.

For them who enjoy the pic, I really appreciate it. 8 more words



You’ll often see a lot of people making variables public so that they show up in the inspector when you click on an object. You’ll also often see a lot of people making a variable public so they can have it in the inspector that really should  331 more words