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Who Cares What People Think? They're Not You!

Oftentimes we get caught up in how other’s feel and what they think, and like I mentioned in my post yesterday, this can become incredibly overwhelming at times and can leave us feeling unbalanced; like we’ve wondered too far from our inner selves, our core beliefs. 281 more words


Hope is always within reach

Dear friends, this is an excerpt from my friend, Author Cheryl Zelenka’s new book called Facing Storms: Devotions for thoughts and meditation. 

In his song STAND, Rich Mullins wrote, “There is more that rises in the morning than the sun.” He knew that with each new day there is the gift of a new beginning, one brimming with promise. 283 more words


"My Dichotomy" by Joel Lux

A friend of mine shared this poem with me today. It resonated with me and I thought others would relate and benefit from reading it. If you like his writing, check out his blogs entitled “ 273 more words


ON MY MIND. Suki Waterhouse’s bangs.


A male loving feminist...

I know this topic is hugely controversial and everyone is entitled to their own view. I have normally stayed as far from feminism as possible as it to me, it just woman hating on men. 521 more words

ways of God

I do not understand the ways of God, but I understand this:

He continues to create, orchestrate, and demonstrate His faithfulness in the lives of His children. 331 more words