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Staying In A State Of Happiness - Amidst The Negative State Of The World

 Staying is state of happiness is not always easy considering the negative state of the world at times.  There is a lot of disturbing things going on in the world, war, protests, riots, bigotry, racism, etc.   148 more words


Morning Grace

Good Sunday Morning!

What are you thankful for today?

…I know, some days it seems very hard to pinpoint even just one thing to be thankful for.   66 more words

Are You Successful?

Are you successful? What does success mean to you? To many of us, being successful means a great job or business (financial freedom), a nice car or cars, a house in a great neighbourhood, being able to travel to exotic locations, etc. 351 more words

Vincent Egoro

Don't Block Your Happiness By Being Concerned What Others Think

 One of the biggest blocks to our own happiness is being concerned about what other people think.  Truly happy people recognize that the words of others are never accurate and will never allow their judgments to affect who they are and what they’re capable of.   76 more words


A Different Kind of Kvelling

I recently read an article in The Washington Post that really touched me; maybe it just hits close to home.

Nancy L. Wolf wrote about ‘kvelling’, a Yiddish word for ‘bursting with pride’, to describe what moms and dads everywhere do when bragging about their children’s accomplishments. 30 more words


Outlining your story or just go for it...

Do you outline your stories or just go for it and start writing? I am prepping for my entry into #NaNoWriMo2014. Usually, I have a general idea of where a story is going with limited clarity on the flow, characters, or plot.   644 more words


Living Fully

Dear Friends,

The haze present this morning subdues the sun’s brilliant rays. The
songs of the birds are clear, however, and I feel appreciation for all the… 340 more words