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It’s weird that photographers spend years or even a whole lifetime, trying to capture moments that added together, don’t even amount to a couple of hours.

- James Lalropui Keivom


The First Post: Inspiration #1

A first post on a new blog could probably go a lot of ways, but the idea that felt the most appropriate for me was to talk about what inspires me and what made me want to start up this thing in the first place. 426 more words



Have you ever gotten breathless from a beautiful face?

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How Your Perspective Can Change

 How Your Perspective Can Change (No Show)

  1. Newbie: I gotta person who wants to talk at 3:45!!!!!!!!! (3:49) CRAP…A NO SHOW. I’m down now…can’t talk to anyone for a while.
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Making Memories

“Summer” in the Pacific Northwest is a flexible term. Often, we won’t even see the sun until July, and we only get one really hot week (typically in the high 80s or mid-90s). 330 more words


Inspiration: Dreamergo

It has been quite a while since I have made an inspiration entry so here is my next artist!

Unless you are Chinese, it is extremely unlikely you have heard one of the most successful Chinese illustrators. 292 more words