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When You Feel A Connection Learn To See The Imperfect Person Perfectly!!

 I saw this and just had to share my point of view.  I watch people meet people they feel a connection with and then they begin what society teaches them to do:  what’s their past, what’s their education, what’s their family history, etc., etc.   80 more words


Hot Gear: The Nikon D810

On a recent Hot Gear Podcast, Rich Harrington sat with Chase Reynolds over at LensRentals.com to talk about the hot products that they just can’t seem to keep on their shelves.   510 more words


Finding Opportunities In Crisis

 Any crisis is an opportunity for healing. The word “crisis” comes from the Greek and means “turning point in a disease.” So a crisis is truly an opportunity for a turning point in our lives.   28 more words


Don't Quit

As entrepreneurs it is easy to lose focus, get frustrated, and want to throw in the towel. Although it is our talent, background, and skills that bring us to new heights in our careers, sometimes we need a simple word of encouragement to get us through. 208 more words

Fitness for the Soul! - Self Discovery in Wicker Park

I never really understood that phrase “find yourself.” It always sounded overly emotional and dramatic to me.  Like what does it even mean to “find yourself”? 557 more words

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When You Remove Greed - There Is Enough!

 The quote “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” aptly expressed by Mahatma Gandhi, elucidates that the nature earth has enough resources & means to meet the basic requirements of a man but it can’t serve the endless greed of man. 38 more words