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Building a Tapestry Inspiration Wall

Happy to report progress has been made on the new tapestry, so that’s a great big HUZZAH to me, please! Some of my dyeing didn’t turn out as expected and in a good way – the browns were redder and the rusts darker and I wanted to make the most of them and play with the contrasts of the rich blues that will be at the top of the tapestry with rust, chestnut and bronze blends below. 442 more words

My New Work Space & Tutorial!

I recently created an extra work space for myself specifically for crafting. I used to work on the dining room table with newspapers protecting the table which probably was not the best environment for me.  584 more words


Ocean Hues

Ocean Hues

It is most definitely not beach weather in London today but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to visualise bluer skies and warmer weather. 174 more words

Inspiration Boards

PMQ for two: Project entryway

As you all know, we’re moving at the end of the month! (In case you missed it, here it is) Woopi! After dealing with CFHA all day over the issue of our dishwasher (which will apparently not fit, and they won’t cut a hole) which threw the entire move into question, we figured out a solution and went back to status quo – a move on Halloween. 248 more words


Feature: Luis Pons Photography

Just discovered these stunning pictures…so inspiring and thought I would share.  Beautiful dancers. Beautiful people.  Beautiful scenery.  Beautiful composition. :)  Sorry for the repetition of the word “beautiful,” but I don’t know any better word to describe it. 13 more words


Mint & Coral

Mint & Coral

So I’m taking a break from the darker Autumn boards and bringing a burst of colour to this rainy Tuesday in London.  So to brighten my spirits (and hopefully yours), I went with what is one of my favourite colour pairings – Mint & Coral! 236 more words

Inspiration Boards