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Backstories and foreshadows

Coursing through my veins, a pulse that throbs to the point of pain, is this need to purge the words inside my head. Lit from within, they boil and churn, sometimes in a coherent rhythm, sometimes in a vortex of confusion and madness. 93 more words


Inspiration Monday... Family

Happy Monday Everyone!

I apologize for slacking on the posts this week. I had a family emergency. My crazy grandma crashed a quad right before her 77th birthday! 123 more words

Breakin' the Law

I had a moment in Target earlier this week. I feared having a total meltdown in the fitting room while trying on jeans.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve driven home in tears after clothes shopping. 442 more words

Writing Prompt

Mr Meyer


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I heard the sound of a car engine revving up and of tyres on gravel as I made my way to the front door of Mrs Fredrickson’s house. 680 more words


Inspiration Monday - The One

Several weeks ago, I read Suzanne Jones’ article, How to Find the One.It’s an inspiring story for anybody that concludes with the message, the one is inside of us: 188 more words


The Buzzard

Bette was frustrated. She had been flying for more than an hour over the area where Joan’s aircraft supposedly went down. There wasn’t any indication that a forced landing had taken place in the area. 911 more words



“Will you be home for dinner?” There was an edge to her voice, no matter how nonchalant Erica tried to sound. “If you have to work late again, I won’t bother cooking.” 512 more words

Writing Prompt