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Inspiration Monday... in the trees

Most mornings I wake up to the same bird pecking on the bedroom window of my trailer. At first I found it annoying, but now I feel like Snow White! 130 more words

Just the facts, Ma'am

What has gone before

When Abigail came too, she was lying on a couch in what she presumed was the coroner’s office. Vintage tools of the trade decorated the otherwise sparse room. 504 more words

Writing Prompt

Inspiration Monday... Dreams!!!

I’m sharing some of my favorite dream quotes this Monday in honor of one of my dreams coming true! Last Friday I went to pick up my new-to-me trailer. 23 more words


Monday Inspiration: Beautiful Art and a Therapy Cat

This is one of those stories that can make your heart melt. A little girl, her Maine Coon therapy kitty and a whole bunch of beautiful works of art. 129 more words


The Devil's in the Details

“Sir, is that your wife? Is that your wife, sir? Mr. Venable?”

That’s me, Igor Venable. And the doll on the slab? That’s my wife, Chiki, or what’s left of her after the son-of-a-bitch harpooned her and dragged her dying body behind a motor boat, through the tall grass of the Everglades. 1,153 more words


Wild blue

You’ve taken me on some wild rides. Ear-popping upward climbs, stomach churning downward spirals, twists and turns enough to keep me guessing, and wishing, and begging for more. 122 more words


Breakthrough & Embrace

We’re reaching our stride with parenting, with home renovations, with life. And it’s allowed me some time and space to be reflective. To think about myself. 192 more words