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We all know someone. It could be a parent, sibling, partner, best friend or a coworker. We all know someone who suffers from a mental illness. 1,028 more words

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Interesting and Motivating TED Talks to start your year off right!

Every wondered how to be an opportunity maker, what the key to happiness is, or how to make stress your friend? These are all just a few topics covered by some inspirational and incredible smart people in TED Talks. 703 more words

Peaks and Pits of 2014 and Positives for 2015

With the beginning of a new year people are often focused on creating new resolutions, leaving the past year behind and looking forward to the next year. 779 more words


Putting a spin on Secret Santa in your workplace

Oh the office secret santa. It goes two ways; you either love your gifts or you get really strange gifts. It can be awkward. I feel like more companies should take this opportunity to change it up and give back to their community. 747 more words


One Degree of Separation Theory:

Everyone and everything is one step away, by way of social media, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “

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