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Once upon a time, there a was a girl named Kay who did not like guacamole. She thought it was weird-looking, and would not try it. 105 more words


First Honey Suckle

I almost missed the first Coral Honeysuckle in my yard. The flowers may have been there for a while, but I was too preoccupied with the… 96 more words


Where romance dies, inspiration lies

Once I went on a date with a poet. Naturally, he wrote a poem about me afterwards. The poem was mediocre at best. He wrote about tarot cards and birds in the sky and a love he so desperately sought. 47 more words


Referring Back To Your Dreams

A girls’ night with my two sisters and my gorgeous girl, Katy created a fun Thursday night filled with bottomless tortilla chips, a “FART!” noise that made us laugh every time this person moved their chair, and a random recollection of a meaningful poem. 163 more words

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The Long Journey

Every time I look back and reminisce about my life and the paths I’ve chosen, I always end up asking myself, “When did my long journey even start?” In my immature years, I’ve always assumed that life has always been cruel to me. 1,025 more words

“Man is such a desperate being. It is his own selfishness that precedes him into doom and only by selflessness can he crawl back from the pit he himself dug with his very hands–again and again.” -Mike Dyrdrik, In Search of Life’s Mysteries…

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