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#WonderWomanWednesday: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Such a phenomenal woman who has contributed positively to the present world of African literature. Seeing her excel immensely in her craft yet maintaining her humble nature is very inspirational. 7 more words

Day #5: Soar, I Can.

Sitting on this puzzle
not knowing the pieces there are
I can tell you for sure, that today
Life seems less bizarre.

But somewhere within an yearning rises… 83 more words



Not too long ago I talked about my writer’s corner, and how I am currently shopping for a writing desk that will serve as a central feature of style and inspiration. 1,058 more words

Aspiring Author

What you resist persists

I stumbled across an article that talked about radical acceptance. Serveral people defined radical acceptance as being able to fully accept your reality as it is even though you might not like it. 229 more words


I always said that I wouldn’t blog. Not that I ever had anything against blogging or bloggers. Quite the opposite really. I have read so many great blogs, but in the back of my head I kind of figured there was no point, I mean, who would read it? 525 more words