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Another Park Bench

Please do not forget to take some time for you.

When we fill up our own tanks, we have more to give to others.  When we take care of ourselves, we can be much more productive.  144 more words


you, yes you

Inspiration is a funny thing, these days we are so surrounded by everyone else’s, it can be hard to pinpoint our own. Social media is great for many things, procrastination and spying on people come to mind, but it can be easy to lose yourself in everyone else’s lives and pictures. 265 more words


The Stranger

(Based on an actual incident and its retelling as a short story by my son, Daniel Ference, this poem deals with the darkness we must sometimes unexpectedly wrestle with both without and within ourselves.) 414 more words


Discover You

And then you know…or maybe you always knew…you just weren’t ready


Stick to Your Specialty

Well it is Friday and it has been a great week.  Darren Hardy has really been motivational for me this week.  Here is one to end your week: 622 more words

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