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Thought forms character

Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.

Leonard Cohen



Making Changes

This summer, I had the privilege to attend not one, but two programs that have made me want to completely change myself. Not in the way that people who are unhappy with themselves try to transform themselves, but in the way that people who want to improve themselves for the sake of being a better person try to reinvent themselves. 331 more words


Inspired by Social Entrepreneurs

Ever since 1997/98, I have been intrigued and inspired by social entrepreneurship. As a Public Service Scholar at Stanford University, I had chosen to write my Honors Thesis in collaboration with a community partner that would hopefully benefit from my research & findings. 194 more words


The romantic

Today I was labelled as a “romantic” actually to be precise as “very romantic” but it’s all in the same family and so I was mildly occupied by how true this is.   241 more words

Birthing Your Dreams

Ahh….Giving birth! What a joy it must be to bring life into the world! This is also very true when it comes to our dreams. To sit back and watch the fruits of our labor come to life is truly a gratifying experience! 603 more words


Believe and it will happen

Naturally we all go through circumstances that make us feel worried sometimes, but when we believe, what we think may not happen usually will happen. Learning to keep your faith and staying positive can result in amazing things. 73 more words


Courage. A necessary ingredient for progress.

A recipe for great accomplishment always includes a dash of courage. No matter what the achievement, the unwritten understanding is that the journey to the goal was challenging. 560 more words