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Poetry Live!

Today I had a fabulous day at Poetry Live at the Bridgewater Hall, listening to amazing poetry from inspiring poets. I felt like a Lit student again! 228 more words


How to Lose and Still Feel Like You Won

Some people like to compete. A lot of people think it’s healthy, that stacking up next to your peers can really bring out your potential. But most of the time, there is only one winner, and then a whole bunch of people who get to feel not good enough. 680 more words


In Stillness and Silence

Rare is he who knows
how to be still
in the silence
of an open heart
for the Force
to pass through
within and on to… 11 more words


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland

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No Downs = No Ups

Life is such a complicated journey,
A journey we love to whine about.
But how boring would it all be if we didn’t have our sparks of fury, if we didn’t occasionally get annoyed once in a while? 174 more words



It trumpets aloud

Chords blaring in reverberation

F-Minor amplified in tone and reach

Bringing all business to a standstill

All motion but progress at the very best… 99 more words