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Scared and Excited

Wow. I look at the calendar and it’s April 21st. Some days I go to school and I deliver lessons all morning, and then I look back on the day and it was as if I blacked out. 229 more words

Enjoy the Ride

“Enjoy the ride,” my friend would tell me, as if knowing that I may forget to do that at some point – and quite rightly so, because sometimes I get so engrossed in what’s to happen (or rather, what I want to happen) in the future, that I forget to appreciate the present. 1,100 more words


Monday Inspiration!

I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend and got to soak up some sunshine!

I took this picture at Bell’s right here in Kalamazoo!  It was a beautiful day in the beer garden.   18 more words


Check Mate ;)


Hello! Happy Easter to you all :) I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Bank Holiday in style!

A quick post to show you all what I am wearing today ( although the coat has now been removed as the temperature heats up!) 119 more words

What If...

What if I told you that 10 years from now, your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you would be happy about that. My guess is that you would want to do something about it. 43 more words

Story Prompt

Find a short story you haven’t read yet. Read the first two-thirds, then pick up the story where it leaves off and write its end. 14 more words

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