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Inspirational Images: Weather - you like it or not

Photographed by Hans Feurer.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey, October 1968

Inspirational Images

Inspirational Images: Throw a Party

Don’t you love a party… especially when you’re a guest and don’t have to do the washing up? But think of the satisfaction of throwing your own party and knowing it’s a great success… like the headline-hitting party Bianca Jagger gave for Mick’s thirty-second birthday when the guests stayed until the morning papers landed on the doorstep. 222 more words


Inspirational Images: Marisa Berenson

Photographed by Barry Lategan.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, April 1969 36 more words

Inspirational Images

Bianca Jagger in The Telegraph Magazine, 1979

Words by Tina Brown. Photographs by Pat Booth.

When Bianca Jagger wants to be dismissive her favourite word is “marginal”. Los Angeles is marginal: “Une ville suspendue — no cultural route at all.” Mrs Trudeau is marginal: “Where is her decorum? 1,972 more words


Inspirational Illustrations: Three For Good Measure

Nothing new has happened to swimwear for many summers. Colours and fabrics mark the fashion changes. The shapes stay the same. For a swimsuit is a swimsuit is a swimsuit- be it a one piece, a two piece, a half piece. 352 more words


Inspirational Illustrations: Are you one of the herb people?

Illustration by Ian Beck.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, May 1974 20 more words